Friday, April 29, 2005

An Unaware Alien

Consider this: genetic change over time and the associated genetic effects on consciousness may render the individual unaware of what he is. He may be behaving to further the interests of an alien without even realising it. The integration of an alien into the Human species. The making of a hybrid, but dominated by the alien form.

It may even be that every Human is, in fact, an alien. A being originating from somewhere else. The Adam or Eve. Later (current) descendants are regarded as Human and being completely terrestrial. This is not necessarily the case.

It has long been suggested (in fantasy, of course) that we, Humans, are living with aliens among us. Actual alien forms in disguise. Beings in powerful positions just looking like humans and that such aliens know who they are.

Do not be seduced by our perception of time and what is a long time. A thousand years could be just a moment to another consciousness. What happens when someone (very, very gradually) wakes from a coma after several years? What is it like to come around from an operation hours or days later?

It seems only a moment, doesn't it?


Should the technology ever become a reality and frozen humans successfully warmed up in a future time, what might be the effect? A real throwback scenario. Whatever the evolution of the species had produced could be sent back countless years by re-introducing something that had been successfully discarded.

It's quite frightening to imagine man's cleverness ultimately being his destruction. Not clever: stupid. Man's capacity for egotistical thinking is limitless.

Always ask yourself who benefits by a change. Then you will get closer to the reason for that change.

Genetic Modification

The whole principle of genetically modified (GM) crops, the effect of which is to improve crop yield in the race to more profits. Being generous, I could say to feed an ever increasing world population, but that does not stand up to critical argument. The amount of food that is destroyed/stockpiled to maintain global prices does not suggest a consideration to the world's growing number of starving people. GM products are being foisted upon a large number of resisting people. Governments are forcing the issue through and it's all driven by vested interest and money shouts loudest. In a matter of a few years, genetic change can happen that should take millions of years. How long has GM ingestion been going on; forced upon an unsuspecting public. Almost certainly for many years before it was made public. The big human experiment. A massive human trial.

Genetically Engineered Foods
Genetic Modification (or Mutation or...)

There is no information available (there won't be for possibly 50 years or more) to determine the effects of genetic change in the human species.

Who do you trust and why do you trust them? Example: British Government. A few well known faces, but most are faceless and unknown, yet have power and influence to effect change. But for whose interest?

Death - A Requirement of Evolution

I (used to: note added 18.01.2012) accept the philosophy of evolution (Darwinism). The modern human is proposed to have evolved over millions of years from the earliest primate and before that: back to the sea where it is imagined to have all begun.

Or Africa, perhaps. Though what evidence is there for that? Apes come from Africa and humans come from apes, so humans originate in Africa? That constitutes a very weak argument. A dog and a cat both have four legs and a tail; two eyes, two ears and a digestive system that provides energy. Similarity is not a criterion for commonality. The similarity of DNA may be a common feature (around 98%), but that does not 'prove' that humans and apes are in any way linked. Anymore than a dog with a cat: these are recognised as completely different species.

It does seem that a basic requirement of such a theory must involve death. It has to happen. Within the same living life form it is not possible to make genetic change. This is managed by the next or later generation. Between one generation and the next there may be minor genetic alteration, some good and maybe some bad. Over time the bad changes are removed and the useful survives. Evolution theory demands a long time measured in many, many thousands of years.

If 'tinkering' with genetics doesn't stop, then the logical conclusion is the end of the species. Something that has taken millions of years to arrive at what it is today is being changed rapidly by the intervention of the species trying to modify itself. The playing God scenario.

It is not much to imagine the rise of the machines: computers improving themselves to achieve consciousness. And that's supposed to be fantasy.

The Moon Studio

It is an interesting observation that all the official photographs of the Americans allegedly on The Moon are taken with the 'Sun' either ahead and to one side or in front of the camera. Nobody in their right mind is going to take such a shot. The blinding glare would make the result unusable. All overexposed and dark shadow together. Ridiculous. The effect, however, is to prevent the real source of the light (studio arc light) showing up as a reflection in the visor or helmet.

Ever wondered who was really inside the costume? A soldier? Perhaps they don't melt like other people. And the perpetual bombardment by atomic particles - no atmosphere remember - obviously not a problem. Tough guys, these soldiers.

The description of 'Man having been to the Moon' can be interpreted as Man has simply placed a presence 'in kind' on that satellite. To send rockets and leave debris on the surface does not mean Man has physically gone there. Consider the radiation in space. Burnt to death. No, supposed to have returned unharmed.

The Pope's Funeral

The Pope's funeral brought together many ex and current world leaders: George Bush senior and Dubya. Highly placed individuals too: Prince Charles and many others. A target for terrorism all of them and not a single mention of the possibility. And everything went off swimmingly well.

It would have been terribly inconvenient for something to have happened and so it didn't. Isn't it odd? And is it not strange that no commentator mentioned this obvious observation?

Double Decker Airbus

So, the new super big A380 Airbus jet has had it's maiden flight. Not a word about the effect of terrorism on such a craft. Perfect target: one plane and up to nearly 900 people. In the climate of alleged terrorism in the skies, it seems very odd that such a plane could seriously be considered commercially.

Makes me wonder about the reality of terrorism and who is behind it.

Lung Cancer

The incidence of lung cancer is reported to have doubled over the last 30 years. In 2002, more than 1.4 million cases were diagnosed up from 600,000 in 1975. Fewer than 1 in 7 survive for more than 5 years and lung cancer is among the most lethal of all types of cancers.

Why do people still smoke?

Life isn't stolen. It's given away for free.

The price to pay is in the effort to stop. And it does take effort, but...

...the prize is survival

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Scripted Attitudes

Shallow minded people with predictable, almost scripted, behaviour patterns and responses. Aren't they tiresome? No original thoughts of their own. Unfortunately, some influential people (people in influential positions who should not be in these positions) are like this. Nothing of importance to say, but others listen to what they say. They say nothing, but people listen! Worrying.

Mind control.

Perhaps AI could happen. Wow! Progress.

Artificial Intelligence

There has been a long standing analogy between a computer and an organic (human) brain. This cannot be a realistic comparison. A computer needs a program and will always perform identical actions given identical conditions. A program has to be written to simulate a concept. To mimic human behaviour, but fixed behaviour. Adding algorithms to deal with learning can only be to the extent that the programmer expects learning to be adopted. The result would have to be cloned machines and they still don't think for themselves. They can't.

Artificial intelligence will never happen.

Workforce Mood

It's been known for a long time that a happy workforce creates an environment for a committed effort. It works well. Why then do some businesses seem to go out of their way to nail their employees to the wall for not doing enough. To meet demands that may be unrealistic. To keep shareholders happy. To keep the sharks at bay. Short term goals seen with blinkers on.

There has to be a balance struck between improvement and brilliance. The shine will wear off quickly if maintenance is neglected.

Time Pressures

Mistakes are made as a result of time pressures. In the long run this causes ever greater delays. The race to reach targets causes more and more problems. Time pressure equates to inefficiency as so much time must spent correcting mistakes. Many times mistakes are simply left and then new mistakes are made because of faulty information. It is all compounded towards the future. Such an attitude will inevitably result in disaster. The quick return today causes a massive cost overhead to be stacked up for tomorrow.

Inverted pyramid syndrome: start fast without sufficient consideration and create instability. This seems to be the 'way forward'. I just see it all as going backwards. Fast.

Water and Houses

There are currently comments being made about anticipated water shortages. This may be a real expectation, but is it preparing the ground for raised tariffs? The known problem of damaged pipework has to be paid for and the amount of wasted water is enormous (apparently).

Government proposals to increase the number of houses built in the next 12 months will already place a heavy demand on existing sewers. A great deal of additional underground work will need to be undertaken to match such proposed building. The situation suggests too many houses and an inadequate capacity to deal with waste. An infrastructure issue. Who pays? Is all the new capacity to be subsidised by other homeowners?

Rainfall will be low and so won't place a demand on sewerage, but then again: water shortages will justify restrictions/price increases. How does an increased price create extra rainfall?

Sniffing in Stereo

We can hear in stereo, or rather hear a sound image in two parts. This allows the awareness of direction. We see images in two parts allowing depth of field to be judged. Without this benefit, we could not assess distance. We have two ears and two eyes.

Do we detect odours in stereo? We have two nostrils. How does the brain interpret different smells. A chiral molecule is in essence much like the left and right hands: mirror images and so quite different, but otherwise identical. Two such molecules may have a very different odour, though otherwise be identical. The olfactory organs can distinguish such a difference to a very high degree.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


All those quotes in history: some very profound and some clever. What state of mind conspired to produce these thoughts? After all, it is not likely the individual just imagined they'd be clever that day and dream up some noteworthy phrase. It must be a reflection on the way the person thinks to produce these comments on life.


Loyalty is an interesting concept. What constitutes loyalty? This seems to vary a great deal between people. Take for example the undying loyalty that some families display: one member causes the death of a person not connected to that family, but loyalty demands support for the person responsible. This is fine up the point of determining guilt. If found guilty, support is expected/demanded(?) beyond this - for ever. The undying loyalty after the fact. The ridiculous notion that blood is thicker than water.

I adopt the philosophy that the individual is responsible for their action (or inaction) and nobody else. If shame is brought upon the family then this is the effect of the individual's actions. They are responsible for all of that. The aftermath. The lot. Culpability is clear: it is simply the individual found responsible for the situation. Loyalty does not enter the situation. Support and loyalty are not the same.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Potatoes, Tobacco, Petrol and Tax

Centuries ago when potatoes and tobacco were introduced to Europe they were both considered as life changing items. That is the same today, but for different reasons. Originally, the potato was introduced to the diet and remains a staple part of modern diets, even though the chip has wrecked all that. The unchipped potato is an excellent source of carbohydrate to provide energy, but like many things: in moderation. It is a source of good health. However, add butter/margerine/salt and it becomes fattening and very unhealthy. Interestingly, salt ruins the taste of the potato. Add salt and you cannot taste it anymore! Then you will need butter or something else to provide the taste.

The potato is not taxed. Yet.

Tobacco has never been a source for anything but misery. Nicotine is a mind altering drug. It must be as those who use the substance delude themselves into believing they enjoy smoking when really it is simply getting the ‘fix’ of nicotine. A trace of this very addictive drug, the most addictive natural substance known to man, is taken into the body with a huge quantity - everything else in this smoke pollution - of toxic and extremely dangerous impurities. Actually, an impurity is defined as a trace amount so the nicotine is, in fact, only one of the many impurities in tobacco smoke. Most of the nicotine will be destroyed by the heat of burning, which generates the smoke to be inhaled. Only a minute fraction of the original nicotine will ever reach the receptors in the body to satisfy the cravings of the brain. Smoking is lethal and it is taxed. The cost is nearly all taxation. And it is destroyed by burning.

This is like petrol: otherwise a completely waste product from the refinement of crude oil. Totally useless until the petrol engine was developed to use it. It has in the last few decades become a useful product. An essential product. An excellent target for taxation. And it has been taxed. Nearly all tax from a waste product. The petrol engine was a masterful invention that has changed the world for ever. Until, of course, the oil runs out or we all die because of the pollution. I believe, pollution will get us all first. And quite soon. Global warming is not a faddish term. It is here and it is happening now. Consider the many cancers of the last 20 years or so. Do you really believe they have always been around before records were kept? The dreadful health of countless millions worldwide. The living dead? And a source of taxation for governments. The ‘spin’ goes that people are living longer and so the older person is more likely to become unhealthy - naturally! Really? Define ‘spin’ for yourself. And speak your answer out loud.

I remember reading once that tobacco was seen as the perfect product: when people use it during their working life they pay tax on it. Then these same people will die before they get ill. So, maximum in from the cash cow and nothing to pay out. Cynical? I think not.

Environmentalist thinking has always been visionary thinking. It has always been right and if we don’t wake up it will be too late, if it isn’t already. Negative thinking? No. It is being awake and thinking.


Not providing support can lead to resentment. It may not be anticipated though perhaps it should. Seemingly small things that may be undertaken by ‘volunteering’ can become expected because nobody else would do them, maybe washing up, hoovering carpets and the like. By allowing someone to do this and never offering help as they appear to ‘enjoy’ doing these things - although a chore is still a chore - will eventually lead to strain. The appearance of a situation is rarely what it actually is. Time changes things.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Monaural Hearing

The brain demonstrates remarkable powers of adaptation if given time to adjust. Although my hearing on one side is defective, the spatial stereo sound with headphones is central. The right channel is very quiet and essentially missing, though it 'sounds' OK. In most cases it is quite acceptable (as though I’ve got a choice!).

A Requirement of Success

Giving up things usually has many false starts. Perhaps a false start is a requirement of success since an early failure will make the ultimate success that much sweeter.

‘Life’ insurance

The term ‘life insurance’ is an odd one. I call it ‘death insurance’; more accurate, but doesn’t sound so commercially exciting. It’s a meaningless term anyway. A classic misuse of English calculated to convey a wrong meaning. So called ‘spin’ in modern parlance. It suggests we can avoid death and get life by paying for it. How can we insure against death or in favour of life?

Time Definitions

Past: break free
Present: confront
Future: move on

Time is an interesting concept with respect to reference points. The past has gone and the present is now. This provides a single reference point in time about when something happened. The distortion of time is well known, but the perceived future gives a forward reference point in time although it is only a personal perception or judgement. Equally distorted. It does, however, provide some sort of range to events. If the forward reference is no further than the present, it is surprisingly difficult to estimate time in relation to what may happen. Perception is altered.

Going Down A Bomb

The colloquial term ‘went down a bomb’ is something good.
And the term ‘to bomb’ is something that failed terribly badly.

That’s English!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Legally Uninsured Road Users

Isn’t it time that all road users must have insurance to use the roads? Not just car users who already require the legal minimum of third party insurance in case of injury to others. It’s getting worse by the day. There are so many road users it’s becoming impossible to police, if it isn’t already. Fewer police and more road users. This is a worrying combination. I believe the real reason for speed cameras is that they are the 24 hour patrolman. Always present and always alert.

I have yet to meet anyone who can answer my question about what happens in the event of a bicyclist (non-motorised and no minimum age limit and no requirement to test competence) at night who has no running lights being the cause of an accident in which someone is seriously injured of even killed. They have no insurance and may escape without injury themselves - they are simply the cause. Typically, seen at the last minute requiring evasive action the result of which is a crash. Culpability is 100%. What happens next? Nothing? There is no insurance requirement and the cause may disappear. Run away. If it is a car driver who causes such a situation firstly there is the minimum legal insurance requirement to be using the road and the legal requirement to remain at the accident. And even report it if necessary. Someone may have died or been seriously injured and no ‘responsibility‘ is attached to the one who caused the situation. Morally perhaps, but legally...?

Note also that fines for uninsured drivers (accident or not) are quite pathetic. Absolutely no reason to bother with it in the future either. These people are one of the reasons insurance costs continue to increase and they don’t pay it themselves - costs too much! Of course, another reason is awful driving: attitude and performance and that’s a separate issue.

Interestingly, a common response is to talk about damage to a vehicle and the claim procedure. Here this concerns the fact that there is no insurance and no vehicle involved. It does demonstrate the thinking though that some are more concerned with their car rather than the victim, whoever is responsible.

Be Your Own Master

Two dimensional flatland thinking versus three dimensional spatial thinking. Mind maps are a great idea and really work and exploit how the brain is organised. The experience of using mind maps reveals how caged we can be if we allow others too much control. The individual can be led through his own thinking being 'instructed' how and what to think. How stifled thinking can become. Personal freedom is essential for development and progress.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Thinking With Yourself

Giving free reign to the mind does allow it to go anywhere and at light speed. No conscious influence to affect the outcome. Just see where the arguments go. I’ve done this forever and have always found it fascinating and very enlightening. Although I have done this mentally, I have written little of the mental deliberations down. The detail of the thoughts and the arguments come and then it may go, although the important points from these mental discussion with myself do go to affect my thinking and how I view life. Factual things cannot be altered as they are facts, but how I think about those things can change my personal view upon those things.

To mentally think an issue through and take it apart in my mind and reassemble it countless times does remove the constraints that would otherwise impose considerable limits on the outcome. Mental shuffling of ideas and thoughts and separating the waste creates no mess. It does the complete opposite. Waste is simply lost. Ultimately, after lengthy deliberation the argument is distilled out by vocalising the issue. This forms a summary and all the non-essential information can be forgotten. This information was important to arrive at the outcome, but can then be abandoned. Rather like dreams and sleep: the mind loses non-essential information - the sensory information from the recent wakeful period that is no longer important. Once we have gone beyond an immediate threat (a traffic condition perhaps) it is no longer important. It is in the past and is no longer critical for survival - forget it. Unless there is something to be learned from it. This part is remembered.


When (financially) wealthy people have indulged themselves in expensive, and possibly poor quality, food and have lived a life of physical inactivity, will they suffer from the ill-health effects of these self-abuses? Sad really, because money doesn’t solve everything. Right? Some individuals still actually believe it does!

It’s curious and just a little bit worrying that people tend to listen to the materially wealthy, because they probably look wealthy (an ounce of image is worth more than a pound of effort). It may well be that the very people they look up to and admire have nothing to say, but people listen anyway.

Money talks, although a 'fat' wallet is devoid of ideas, but a 'fat' wallet is regarded as being healthy?


Monday, April 18, 2005

King Midas

Wealthy people seem to pose with their big, powerful status symbols - back to cars again - giving little thought, or no thought at all, to the consumption of resources. Always selfishly only thinking of themselves. Not a moment’s thought to what they are doing. As though increased wealth generates the fuel to run the machines. It will all run out one day. Eventually. The expensive car (cheap for the rich, company importance and status etc - you don’t see a saleman driving a Lexus) that doesn’t go anywhere since there will be no fuel, so it will be absolutely worthless. What is the substitute? And who cares about the future generation: their own children? They certainly don’t. Very short term thinking. There’s none so blind as those that will not see.

I believe that the environmentalist is a caring long term visionary.

I find it an amusing vision, but nothing to laugh about. There will be no fuel or oil and that will be the end for us all. The world is geared to run on oil. Nothing can be made. Nothing can be moved. Nothing will work that requires lubrication. Everything will just... stop. When will that be? Greedy people will leave material wealth for their descendants (very commendable), but nobody has ever been able to survive by eating money. Reminds me of King Midas.

The wheel inexorably goes around to close the circle and take us back to those early days of the hunter and the hunted. Which are you?

Material Possessives

See these every day. Big new, expensive car demonstrating wealth with an attitude displaying ignorance. Just a big ego giving a false self image of importance. Delusion. These are horrible people. Met one a while ago. Bullying type with a really nasty attitude. It just doesn’t work on me. Anway, it got out of its car, then slammed the door - wasn’t the car’s fault was it? Noticed the tantrum though; childlike. What they always find annoying is the failure of the technique. They’re not used to that. A fairly standard behaviour pattern and all strutting mouth. Rather amusing. My suggestion of “nice car, you should look after it” was enough to get the nervous laugh covering a deeper worry. Threatens the material things.

Sort of creep who’d kick the casualty who’d damaged their car after they’d just been knocked down - and maybe been killed.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Prices and Value - A Wake Up Call

I do not follow the logic that rising property prices (values?) are a good thing. I find it quite depressing and in the long term (not so long really) I foresee a total crash. The only winners can be the banks and building societies. If the buyer overextends himself then the loss of the house by repossession and then it’s sale at current market prices will make a tidy profit for doing nothing and there are no costs to the lender. The original purchaser/defaulter is liable for all these costs. How does this really work? The current (any) Government will ultimately make a huge gain by taxation. One day the mismatch of any increase in the inheritance tax threshold being outstripped by rising values of property will be recognised for what it is. The tax is still set at 40% and more and more people are being caught in the trap and don’t seem to be aware of it.

Council tax band re-evaluation for those who don’t move will incur increased cost without necessarily having any increase in income to pay for it. People have a house that technically is worth so much more today than yesterday, yet there is no monetary exchange, just an appreciation in the ‘book‘ value and everyone seems to be cashing in. The only loser is the owner.

Any move to a new house will cost more as the new house has gone up in value so there is still no substantial actual monetary gain. Only technically on paper. Yet all the running costs go up: heating, power demands etc of a bigger property, council tax, general maintenance costs of buildings and land and internal fittings (curtains, carpets, furniture and the rest). The funds needed to do this initially may not seem excessive, but the amount realised on the sale of the old house will soon run out. But the new level of outgoings remains the same at the higher level. It seems unrealistic to have an old car outside an expensive looking house. Maybe two new cars instead “looks“ better. Image is everything. People are getting poorer by the day and they seem happy about it. Bizarre!

It’s curious that even though cars depreciate in value at an enormous rate, the house value appreciation still seems to fund the purchase of new cars. Why are cars still seen as the ultimate status symbol? Of a winner! Why do cars lose value so quickly? Perhaps it’s because they are sold at such an enormous profit to begin with, but don't forget the Government's immediate cut in the VAT which cannot be recovered by the private buyer. The value part in value added tax is rather a cynical term, isn't it? So, is it the personal value attributed to the purchase or financial value for the UK government? Buy a new car one minute and sell it a minute later (literally) to see what happens!

This apparent buoyancy paradoxically fuels the vacuous, yet nebulous, credit boom. Sad and frightening.


By just listening carefully, can we overcome the inability to communicate effectively in terms of any mismatch in learning styles? Understanding properly. An imaginative child may visualise and may have difficulty ‘seeing’ what a teacher means if that teacher is logical and analytical in their approach. I believe that a good teacher will recognise the issue for what it is. The ‘sending’ description must be altered to match the ‘receiving’ child. It is the teacher’s responsibility to change the approach. A poor teacher may simply assume the child is stupid and cannot understand, where in reality, the child may be very intelligent, but has been wrongly condemed. It is the teacher at fault. The consequences of that are awful.

Justifying Time

The end does justify the time required in the long term. It’s an overall condition only realised by the individual. The one who is being entirely honest with him/herself. Something that will not fail. A pyramid has a very stable shape. If the foundation is firm then the structure cannot fail and fall over. The closer to the end (top) the quicker events will proceed until the task is complete. Ill-considered ideas may ‘take off’ quickly, but will often fail. The inverted pyramid will topple over.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Perceived Effort

The perceived effort to complete a task for one person is different for another. Imagine training to run a marathon: once the distance has been achieved then the next objective for a hard trainer would be to reduce the overall time and in the process become more capable of the stresses required for the whole mind/body system. The perceived effort and discomfort for one person is an accepted condition. It is expected and becomes the feedback of progress. As the discomfort becomes less and fitness and endurance increase then the level is increased and the discomfort returns. But it is all a higher level of fitness. The nature of progressive training.

In any sport that requires conditioning, the perceived effort for some is too much and, in that case, enough becomes enough. This can then be the state that becomes the condition to maintain. Everyone has their own limit. They may be capable of more, but it is all that they are prepared to endure. That’s perfectly fine. It is just necessary to realize that the effort could possibly be increased if the perception is altered. If the system gets damaged, then a review is needed and the realistic expectation and potential will change. Even a world class runner will not win races with a damaged muscle.

The real problem occurs when an individual has their own perception wrong: they could be setting themself up for a dangerous situation, unaware that an unrealistic expectation exists. The error is compounded if someone else appears to confirm that the expectation is correct, when in fact it is wrong. An experienced hard trainer will ‘listen’ to his/her body, and listen well, and will take heed of what is ‘heard’. Either stop, step it down or take a while longer to get over the damage and then continue: later. Common sense matched with survival. It is the difference between an aware instructor (maybe yourself) and one who is a bad instructor. There is a major difference between the two. It is essential to become aware.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Cell Mutation

Mutation of the cell to survive. Every bacterium is a life form and will adapt to survive. Our attempts to destroy this organism will produce remarkable adaptation for survival. Perhaps the human form, being just a collection of myriad different cells, and working as the ultimate team, adapts to survive in a collective sense. It is still survival.

Can this instinct be genetically programmed on a cellular level?

Perception of Success

Success is perceived as advancement of the intellect alone, and mostly this happens in sedentary situations. This seriously overlooks the maintenance of the body. The result is a fit mind (perhaps), but at the cost of an unfit body. Such a body cannot look after a brain and it will not live as long as it might.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Advantages from Swimming

Another advantage of swimming: a sharp mind and healthy body are both required to produce the best effect.


The brain controls everything and the body exists in a perfectly symbiotic state with the brain. Many thoughts are about survival of the brain: to feed the brain properly; to feed the body well. If the brain dies then so does the body. Or the other way around. The one without the other will fail. In a normally functioning body, I believe that many age related mental problems can be related to poor diet. And that the brain should be treated in the same way as a muscle: ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’.

The Concept of Speed

Speed is a strange concept. To run or walk fast is a description of showing speed. The mind can still function at light speed. An impression of slowness can be given by walking slowly, though only in physical movement from one place to another. The secret of destructive force lies within speed: hit something twice as fast and it is struck with four times the force. In air, double the power to go faster and meet 4 times the resistance.

Water is a fluid and it yields. Sudden forceful movements do not work well in water. The gradual and consistent application of force is necessary. There is a complex interplay between these factors, depending on the medium, but it always involves greater resistance. This explains why swimming profile is absolutely critical to good and efficient progress. Force alone will never effect maximum efficiency.

The Pace of Life

The pace of life may be slowing down, but this does not mean that the mind is slowing. The mind continually improves, but an ability to match effort with the time available may slip. Constraints cause problems and can interfere destructively. An expectation is set with reference to what is known and how we think and the difference between everyone's expectation just reveals itself more noticeably. A goal can be regarded as nothing more than a dream with a deadline, but a worthwhile goal is worth achieving for its own sake.

Does it matter when that goal is achieved?

Chinese Proverbs

The common people secure their chests and money-bags with ropes, lest a thief break in and steal them. They consider this to be a wise precaution. Then a thief enters, who carries off the locked and bound treasure, giving thanks that someone has wrapped his bounty for him. Statecraft and governorship are the same: those who the mass of the people call wise are nothing but wrappers for thieves.

Zhuang Zi, Warring States Period

People talk of a ferocious tiger, the listeners are frightened. But none is so frightened as the man who has suffered a tiger attack in the past.

Cheng Yi reminds us that nothing beats personal experience,
Northern Song Dynasty

Find enlightenment through heeding many points of view. Find ignorance through heeding few.

Wei Zheng, Tang Dynasty

Decisions should not be too clear. Otherwise, when things go wrong you will have to take the blame. Keep it vague.

Su Weidao on the secrets of management, Tang Dynasty

Be a leader, not a master.

Lao Zi, Spring and Autumn Period

Unconstructive criticism is like trying to stop a flood with water, or fighting fire with fire.

Mo Zi, Warring States Period

After the long slumber of ignorance, a single word can change a man forever.

Nan Guo Zi, Zhou Dynasty

Half a truth engenders a new lie.


Reputation is like a cake drawn on the ground. If you’re hungry, it’s not much help.

Emperor Ming explains that he is impressed by Lu Yu’s ability, not his resumé,
The Three Kingdoms Period

Reputation should be neither sought nor avoided.

Lao Zi, Spring and Autumn Period

If we do not enjoy ourselves today, the days and months will pass us by.

Book of Songs, Zhou Dynasty

Don’t think about the sorrows of the world, you will only make yourself feel wretched.

Book of Songs, Spring and Autumn Period

He who learns the truth of everything in the morning, can die happy in the evening.

Confucius believes studies are never done,
Spring and Autumn Period

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Past, Present and Future

It is not possible to view timespan without any reference to the future. Placing your present in terms of the past and perceived future provides a meaning for span even though the future is only imagined. It still creates an awareness for time. When the future reference is missing then the span is not possible to see or imagine. The “day at a time” ethic has its limits, but then, if you cannot see the entire glass you can never know when it’s half full.

But 'seeing' the glass as always full (without ever knowing if it actually is since you cannot view the entire glass) is totally empowering in the sense of a fullness of being. You cannot improve on being your best at all times.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Keep your enthusiasm, but let verification be your constant companion.

- Louis Pasteur

Creative Thought

Creative Thought – the concept of uniqueness in thought. Only a particular individual is capable of creating the unique thought. The lifetime, however long, of experience that leads to a combination of factors that produce those circumstances that end with an original thought, or a painting, or a piece of music has an almost unimaginably complex pathway. That of all the billions of humans who have ever lived, only a single person will be able to have that thought.

High Achievement

It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled, or how the doer of deeds might have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood, who strives valiantly; who knows the enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

– unknown source

Monday, April 11, 2005

A Writer’s Radar

The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector. This is the writer’s radar and all great writers have had it.

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961).


Do not steal the words of others, nor repeat them as an echo does the thunder.

Book of Rites, Zhou Dynasty.


Not being conscious or aware of doing something can mean there is nothing to forget. Something never remembered cannot be forgotten and this shouldn’t cause concern if it appears to have been forgotten. It’s not forgotten because it was never known.


I’ll give respect until it’s withdrawn. It can be increased and I start off at a level that offers courtesy and common decency. Once, I would give automatic respect to seniors (ranks and status), but life has changed all that so now it’s just the basic standard. Too many times I have met with pompous and overblown egos. Some people win respect for simply being reasonable individuals.

Past and Future Experiences

All our experiences from past events aid what the future may throw at us. It prepares the ground. The illusion is that some sort of destiny awaits. Perhaps it does, though it may be as simple as positive and positive add together to form more than a doubly positive value. To paraphrase : the resulting mental strength is greater than the sum of the individual learnings.


A writer wastes nothing.

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)

A Writer’s Advantage

The greatest advantage of being a writer is that you can spy on people.You're there listening to every word, but part of you is observing. Everything is useful to a writer, you see - every scrap, even the longest and most boring of luncheon parties.

Graham Greene (1904-1991)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

Potential conspiracies : situations like these quite often produce ridicule and usually without any counter argument. It is faith. Like the existence of God. Can’t be proved or disproved. Reasoned argument makes more sense than faith by itself, but even such argument when reasoned can only be so when certain 'facts' are accepted to form the foundation for reason. It becomes almost a nonsense argument before it has begun. Many people have faith and don’t doubt the existence of God, even though there is absolutely no shred of evidence. It is enough. The idea of a God is a good one as a crowd control device. All God fearing people will do as they are commanded, out of the fear of ignoring this command. Who commands it? It’s in the Bible, of course. A command from God? The real danger of semantic argument arises when faith takes precedence over life and potential death. Stem cells are vigorously challenged because of some religions. People may be condemned to an early death since upsetting beliefs and a failure to implement the science can result in just that.

Did man ever go to the moon? Probably not. The hostile environment of space to even get there and then that of the moon itself : the heat of direct sunlight and the near absolute zero temperature in the shade makes it impossible, especially when coupled with the wholly inadequate refrigeration packs the astronauts were supposed to have been wearing. There’s just too much convincing argument against it. See the book Dark Moon : Apollo and the Whistle Blowers - Mary D. Bennett and David S. Percy.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Softer Approach

Try softer. We are all more effective when less emotionally charged. Attempting to do something when upset will always result in poor performance or failure. The emotions interfere with muscle control and things just won’t work as expected.


Why do people write their autobiographies? It is a popular activity these days and it is common for “celebrities” to engage in this fashionable idea. Does it set the record straight? To make known the real facts so that earlier judgements people have made need to be reconsidered? Until that time it must involve judgements made through speculation and assumption. And information communicated via the media. Perhaps I’ll do mine - one day, but be at rest, this will not be for quite a while I expect!

There is also the financial angle. Very important! You have to take into account that what is written is actually there to pander to readers. To be sycophantic. To suck up and flatter the idiot. How can you assess accuracy? Be careful about what you read. It might pay you dividends if you don’t buy the book. Save your money and ignore it.

Use your intelligence and make your choice.