Friday, November 03, 2006

Wind power

Apparently, some 72 trillion watts (72,000,000,000,000) of electricity could be generated by wind power at sites identified by Stanford University. Researchers mapped 1000 locations worldwide where the wind could power a turbine.

Wind power could supply more than 5 times the Earth's energy needs.

A combination of oil (hence petrol) to fuel cars and wind generated electricity would solve many problems instantly. There must be many worried oil and energy people around the world. But not for long. They'll find a way to obfuscate this potential solution.

But, what would be the justification of a tax on wind?

A problem of a different kind.

This is the sort of issue a true leader would be investigating/exploring.


How about sabotaging the implementation of the technology?


Blogger Johnnyguitarman said...

The trouble with wind power is that it is not reliable, and fantastically expensive compared to all other forms of electricity generation. The huge wind turbines you see out to sea have minimum and maximum wind speeds. Go outside this envelope and they do not generate electricity, too slow and they do not energise and too fast and they do not generate for fear of damaging the generator.

Cost is 20p per unit to generate, versus 5p for other sources.
The only reason the damn things keep being built is because of government/EU subsidy from they "desire to be seen to be doing something about ""climate change"" and dure to back handers from the companies who manufacture the turbines to government officials who then approve huge subsidies and government money.

Plus the massive cost in maintainance to keep the damn things running at their current inneficient level (15%)- even more so for those at sea subject to wind wave, storm and sea.

Wind turbines if run as a real profit making business without back handers and subsidies would be unecomonic and no-one would build any.

Why not use the much cheaper and far more reliable and predicatble wave power and the 100% predicatble/reliable tidal power???

Reason, because this means of power generation is "not sufficiently visible".

Wind turbines are an eco symbol, nothing more. Totally useless!

Thursday, September 23, 2010 2:55:00 am  

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