Sunday, October 29, 2006

Smoking Kills

Life expectancy for female smokers is 70 (11 years less than the average of 81). Male smokers lose around 3 years: 73 instead of 76.

Why the difference between the sexes? (Not fair is it! DA)

But, simple though: smoking kills.

Men don't reach 76 and women don't reach 81, but all smokers die in their early 70's.

On average, meaning a lot...

die even younger

Every lungful of cigarette smoke full of poisons, including carbon monoxide, will have one less lungful of properly oxygenated air.

Very short story:
  • "What did you achieve in life, Daddy?"
  • "Nothing, really. I had my time cut out trying to stay alive. Getting through my fags. Did you know that over my 50 year habit of 30 a-day, I smoked my way through the equivalent of one 17 mile-long fag?"
1 mile every three years

And that's a lot of lungfuls of filthy smoke.


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