Monday, May 16, 2005

Hearing Capability

Since I hear only monaurally (virtually deaf in one ear although that ear is not itself defective), and my brain has adapted to compensate so I perceive a normal stereo image with headphones even though the sound source is essentially only in one ear, do I need to hear at double the normal volume to appreciate 'normal' sound levels?

I do seem to need higher than normal volume, although an actual doubling in volume does not seem to be the case. I suspect air pressure is normal in both ears even though sound is missing in one side. I can demonstrate this to myself by listening to old stereo recordings that have distinct left/right channels for different musical instruments. Reversing the headphones changes the sound balance as other instruments are heard: channel-to-ear dependent to what is heard.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Reversing into a Main Road

Reversing out into a main road is illegal. It's dangerous. A vehicle should be reversed into a drive so the direction into the road is forwards. Straightforward and things progress smoothly and much more safely.

Hazard Lights

In Britain, hazard lights on vehicles have no legal status. Driving in Europe requires the vehicle owner to have access to a warning triangle. In the event of a breakdown, the triangle must be positioned behind the vehicle and while doing this the hazard lights are set to flashing. As soon as the triangle is positioned correctly, the lights must be turned off. The attitude in Britain has been to use these lights as a justification for illegal parking and causing an obstruction. It is as though if hazard lights are warning of something, then it's OK to act illegally!

The only time I have seen these lights used sensibly is on the Motorway when a traffic problem/hazard has forced heavy braking. Hazard lights of the car in front can warn drivers behind of the impending dangerous conditions ahead.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Heroic Deeds

Everyone gets afraid. It is what we do when we are afraid that shows true courage and leads to 'heroic' deeds. A hero generally does not see him/herself like that.

They acted.

And that's all!


There is greater courage by not doing something than the simple perception of comfort or false courage: example would be smoking (nicotine) and drinking (alcohol).

Can courage exist at all if this refuge/crutch is felt necessary?


The connection between the senses and adjusting to need. Sensitivity differences of body parts and the imagined size or importance: the sort of factors that go to create egos. The difference between the physical and the imagined. The real and the unreal.


Actors bring a story alive, but the story must be there in the first place. Writers must do their part before anyone else can get involved. If there is no idea or creation then there can be nothing to follow. Both require an audience, though a writer can write for him/herself: an audience of one!

Screenwriters and authors are generally overlooked or their importance downplayed in films to the 'playing up' of the actor.

That's wrong.

Limited Imagination

One event conspires to the next. Our universe over unimaginable billions of years has become what we understand it to be by chance effects. Whatever the origins of an electron or neutron and all the other subatomic particles (as we understand them to be), they have conspired to evolve into our solid materials. No one can know what exists elsewhere. Man's imagination isn't free enough to deal with or even consider the possibilities.

Other Life Forms

Why is the idea of another life form in the universe so objectionable and ridiculed? To imagine that our little Earth in the universe is the only one to have life of any development out of the hundreds of billions of suns (like our own) is somewhat limited thinking!

I find it quite likely that not only are there a great many different forms of life - aliens being just different to humans - but there will be many of a very much greater advancement than us. Some not so advanced. It's a certainty really.

Probably, there is a fear of the possibility so it is rejected out of hand. Sort of 'head-in-the-sand' attitude. Ignore something so it cannot exist!


Rational Thought

Rational thought to provide an acceptable explanation of any situation is affected by what is logical or rational. But to whom? Who decides what is acceptable? What is 'rational'? The idea of a conspiracy theory and the like are rejected for no reason other than they don't conform to the consensus opinion. No counter arguments, but rejected nonetheless. Nothing more than faith in some answer that has been accepted. Even if there is no answer or explanation, rejection can still occur for no good reason.

Who proposed the answer? Why should this be any more correct than any other?

A Chicken

A chicken comes from a chicken's egg and a chicken's egg comes from a chicken. Obvious. So where did the original chicken-egg come from? Same question for any life form. Did it all evolve from the same origin?

What was that?

The Big Bang

Big Bang nucleosynthesis: the description of "process at the Big Bang when the hot-dense universe acted as a giant thermonuclear reactor converting hydrogen to helium with traces of deuterium and lithium" doesn't explain where this element originated.


Compassion cannot be learned from a book. Compassion is acquired so one becomes compassionate.

Sense of Smell and Survival

A genetically programmed survival mechanism exists that has anything smelling offensive probably being harmful. A taste defense also exists to protect us from harmful foods/substances (unless cynically masked by the use of salt). The use of salt is one way to make fat taste palatable.

In an opposite sense, out taste provides us with essential amino acids in food, though we are unaware of selection by taste. Like beans-on-toast: each component is a source of a different amino acid. The combination is a good one.

Tax from Waste

Tax from the waste (volatile fraction) of crude oil refining, ie petrol. Tax from burning a weed (tobacco) and the impurity nicotine. Tax from alcohol, specifically ethyl alcohol, a simple organic molecule. All BIG earners. Now there is to be a tax on horse manure. Another tax from real waste.

I predict that one day there will be a tax on fat - all types of fat and there are many different ones.

Self-Doubt and Self-Awareness

The difference between self-doubt and self-awareness is far from subtle. Self-doubt is a lack in confidence. Self-awareness could provide an indication that there may be some self-doubt. Doubt about self is a characteristic that should be reduced and self-awareness increased.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Speed Cameras

Speed cameras are a good idea unless you wish to break the law by exceeding the speed limit while remaining undetected. I fail to see the problem that seems to pervade a British mentality. I want to know who started the idea of it simply being a money raising exercise. I strongly suspect that this was the motoring industry as they see speed cameras and catching ‘speeders’ as affecting sales of evermore powerful cars. If you can’t go fast then cars won’t sell. Simple. To have motoring organisations like the AA coming out against these cameras is very telling. There is an influential lobby somewhere.

A lemming attitude of following an argument that is nonsensical is quite pathetic. The latest was a councillor who seriously considers it dangerous to look down at the speedometer as this means taking your eyes off the road. I‘ve never before heard of anything so stupid as that. You may as well never check mirrors as this means doing the same thing. Incredible.

The Acquisition of Knowledge

The idea of what happens at death is an interesting one. This lifetime of acquiring knowledge. Is it just a matter of survival? Anything we are capable of learning is purely for our survival? Perhaps it is our development that has led to conscious thought for its own sake. No survival need. Just thought. Why? What purpose is there? Evolution always has purpose. The human mind seems to be naturally enquiring. To acquire knowledge. To learn. It is an essential ingredient for life. Knowledge.

The Curious Mind

Life can never be dull for the curious mind. There are no items required except the mind itself. The thought can be written down or simply considered in passing onto another thought. It may be a connected or an entirely unconnected thought. True wealth is surely here. Not tangible. Not material, but very personal. And we carry it all around with us all the time. All of it. That's a really comforting thought.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Activity in Water

What I can do in water: as time has gone forward I continue to be more at home in water than on land. Balance on land (especially in the dark) is poor. In water it is as though I am wrapped in a protective blanket of water. A gentle embrace. Almost sensuous. But water can be a tough mistress. To understand it. To work with it and never against it. That is impossible. It would be like trying to move a mountain. Never to forget that it is potentially very dangerous. A skilled pilot can do amazing things with an aircraft, but total vigilance is necessary all the time to remain safe in the plane. People quite often never think like this when driving cars. Skilled drivers do. It's how they become skilled. And an average driver will never be anything else.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Control of the Masses

The concept of madness is fascinating even if it's terrible. Those who really suffer possibly don't realise it in many cases. Can 'madness' be a state of belief? Just different thinking. It may be logical and coherent. Just different from the opinion held by the majority. This is to force an opinion on someone to make them conform. It is quite possible that the 'mad' person could be right. But what is 'right'? It's only a state of mind. An expressed opinion.

For someone to state that a person is wrong for simply expressing an opinion is to ignore the fact that their own arrogance denies any other opinion to be considered. An example of a totally closed mind. Oddly, I noticed it in scientists and this conflicts with my undestanding of process of scientific thinking. Imagine Einstein or Hawking thinking with a closed mind.

Close out creative thought. Lock up the freedom of thought. Stifle. Those in positions of (perceived) control influencing everyone else?


Ultimate Breakdown of Global Society

Why does an individual drink excessively - 'become' an alcoholic? The term 'alcoholic' has a social stigma which incorrectly associates a diseased state with this condition. It's an illness that can be cured, but it needs tremendous understanding as it is essentially psychological. The physiological addiction can disappear in weeks. The psychological dependence can remain permanently unless support is given, not blame. No one chooses to be an alcoholic. By the time this has happened - the dependence on alcohol for survival - the individual has travelled a long way down the road to self destruction.

Sadly, there are a great many people who do not know or acknowledge that their dependence on drink, and this is always denied, is total. The vast majority of these would never imagine themselves to be an alcoholic as they only 'like a drink'. Every day. Why do those who have only a glass or two of something every day (and don't get drunk) have these daily drinks? There has to be an effect or a glass of water would be sufficient. The dependency may already be there as it has become a part of life. The need to unwind. How does alcohol help? If the stress is created through life, the cause of the stress needs to be dealt with. Alcohol can't do this. It can't remove stress.

So, what is the difference between a social drinker and one who drinks to excess? Alcohol isn't a requirement for survival and nobody needs it. Think about the drinks industry and the huge revenue raised for governments through alcohol. Alcohol is one of the simplest compounds to synthesise. Ethyl alcohol. The use of this liquid will not be discouraged and drinking has been made a socially acceptable activity. The difficulty that a government has (the British Government in particular) is the huge revenue raised from its use and the problems caused by it abuse. The problems of abuse which cost £billions still pale into insignificance by comparison with the taxation raised. It is cost effective to ignore the abuse problems.

This is as cynical as the tax raised from tobacco. Smoking kills, but it is not actively discouraged because of the amount of money it brings. A cash cow for government by burning a weed. Any responsible government would abolish smoking and make it illegal since the destruction to health it causes is absolute. The 'spin' is that it is the individual's choice. Crap. Tell the alcoholic he has a choice: you don't have to drink!! Wrong. An alcoholic does have to drink. The body does not require the substance (ethyl alcohol) though the mind needs it. This is the problem to manage. The psychological problem.

The ultimate breakdown in society will be as a result of raising money. Revenue. The whole fabric of society is built on self destruction. Ask yourself: who controls the tobacco industry? The drinks industry? And who sponsors government? Who is in control?

Another clear example of mind control. Imagine the scenario: no petrol and so nothing works or is made as the oil has run out. No alcohol production to satisfy the dependence created. The supply of tobacco will cease as it can't be moved around. The complete wrecking of society. And it's totally predictable.

Wake up!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Counselling must surely be to help guide you to find you own solution from within. The answer lies within yourself if you know where to look. Sometimes it requires a suggestion to view an old situation in a new way. The classic paradigm shift: the scene is unchanged just your perspective of it does alter. If you shift your viewpoint, the answer can reveal itself in surprising ways.

Freedom from Thought

Wherever we go our thoughts go with us. There is never any escape (if you want one). To be comfortable with our thoughts, and therefore ourselves, is the only way to achieve true peace. Maybe it is possibly the only way a suicide can imagine relief. To achieve freedom from their own thoughts. It must be a terrible human condition to feel the need to do this.

The Test of Importance

An appointed time will always happen. Nothing can ever be 'put off'. Only things that don't matter can be safely forgotten. This can be the test of importance. Something important will not go away and keeps returning. 'Time and tide wait for no man' (late 14th century proverb): you can try to avoid an issue by dodging it. Ignoring it. But if it is important it will keep getting in your way.

Displaying Emotion

Some people seem incapable of emotion. Being calm and relaxed can supress these human characteristics. Is there a downside to being too relaxed?

The heightened stress level caused by any emotion is necessary for a balanced existence.

Excitement or Anticipation

To look forward to something can bring the feeling of excitement. Or is this simply anticipation? If there is no anticipation of an event then there will be no excitement. Ask yourself which you think it is. Something new and stimulating, or just repeating an activity that necessitates anticipation, does produce a raised level of excitement.

Italian Language

All language is musical. Italian sings the sweetest of songs.

Under The Influence

Under the influence of alcohol defines someone not in control of their body. The head and body are effectively separated. It is illegal to drive a car while in this condition. When under the influence of drugs (even nicotine) this may not be regarded as illegal. Still under an influence with an altered perception.

Anyway, if someone argues that smoking cannabis doesn't constitute being under an influence, why do people smoke it? It must have some effect or there would be no point doing it. Getting a fix of nicotine satisfies a physiological need. Getting a shot of alcohol gives the user the desired effect. To be intoxicated. To be placed under the influence of a drug.

The Ostrich Syndrome

All the argument for and against cannabis and other so called 'soft' drugs. No such thing as a soft drug or a safe drug. In reality, the reason to decriminalise an offence is simply that: to make something a non-offence. So that a crime has not been committed and therefore nothing needs to be done about it. Instant reduction in crime figures. No crimes.

Why not make burglary legal: a non-offence. Decriminalise it. We could have a totally crime free country and no need for a police 'service'. We could look forward to anarchy and even legalise murder. Head buried in the sand.

It's the logical end-game.

The Danger of Plastic Surgery

Sad fact of life some people (men and women) can't face getting old. Can't face their own reflection in the mirror. Don't like what they see. Don't like themselves? Imagine: not smoking (smoking wrecks the skin), eating healthily, excercising.

Hard work? No. It's easy. It's painless. It's free. It's 100% risk free.

Illegal Parking

Isn't it typical of double standards and hypocrisy: illegal parking? The pathetic battle (war?) between car owner and traffic warden. When a car is stolen, the owner wants the police to trace it etc, etc. When it is illegally parked the owner sanctimoniously expects to be free to park at will. Anywhere, anytime without being bothered.

It's about time we had realistic fines for parking in a disabled place unless covered by the proper permit. £100 fine should discourage it. Irritating, selfish drivers.

Desire and Ability Mismatch

The conscious will is to acquire information. The physical body supports the brain in this quest to assist the search for knowledge. The mind and the body are totally dependent on each other. Perfect symbiosis.

If a mismatch occurs between the desires of the spirit, consciousness, and the physical body then something will break down. Maybe this will be only temporary, but a failure to perform at peak levels.

A mismatch between conscious desire and physical ability.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Hell's Kitchen

I don't usually find such stuff interesting. But this was different. The students learnt a great deal. About what they are and who they are. The coaching was life coaching, not just about being a good cook. Being a better chef by being a better person. To see the students develop was really encouraging.

The final between Terry and Kellie. Difficult to say who should win and either would be a worthy winner. Kellie may have come in second though certainly didn't lose. Great character. Very able chef. Lovely person all round. Won a great deal from this. You cannot take away respect if it's valid. It is valid.

Terry: very able and what a decent and nice guy. I'd trust someone like Terry and I'd want him on my side in life.

Kellie too.

Difficult, but what a great program.

Creative Freedom and Soul

What would life be like for me if I didn't have the creative freedom to think like I do as revealed by the contents in this blog? Life would be truly empty. Soulless.

Human Resources - A Repulsive Term

There is a term FTE (full time employee) bandied around these days. What an offensive term as though a real person is nothing more than a resource like a computer or a piece of paper. Real people have worries, concerns, feelings of being happy or sad. But just as a name to a resource without a face. That's repulsive. Totally. Reveals a truth though. Same as using words like: 'I see what you mean' (visualises). This is probably better than: 'I hear what you say' (responds to auditory signals). To hear something does not imply understanding. To see something does convey a lot more. An appreciation.

I have learned to listen to how people talk. The words they use.

Fast Results

Everyone always seems to require fast results. Such results are usually poor and never stay very long. Like acquiring a new skill in sport and the weekend warrior. Not particularly good at anything, but feel good. Nothing wrong in that as long as it is understood for what it is.

Or losing weight by crash dieting - this always fails. Without exception.

Colour and Pain

Noted an article written by someone who has been blind from birth. Commentary made a lot of sense to me. Ideas I had started to think about a long while ago. I had considered how a blind person understands the concept of colour. Someone who has never experienced colour. Colour cannot be described without reference to another colour. The way I see red is not necessarily the same as another person. They may see it as I see green. A comparison to another object of a similar colour is meaningless.

How is the concept of pain described by someone who has never experienced the sensation of pain? What is it like to be shot? To drown? It is a totally personal experience that can never be expressed sufficiently well to convey that experience. It would be a real challenge to the writer. To describe it completely from the imagination. This is not the same as personal experience. But then to write about it? To describe it?

Restoring Balance

By letting go of something that is psychologically likely to pull you over enables you to restore balance. This may only exist in your mind, but it is real enough nevertheless. A state of mind. This is a very powerful concept, but is like relaxation: easy to say, though not necessarily easy to do. Takes skill and effort. It is worth the effort.