Friday, September 08, 2006

The perception of conspiracy theory

The problem with being regarded as a 'conspiracy theorist' demonstrates how it works. The perception is one of negative (subjective) thinking rather than objective thinking. So, when a rationale is exprssed that does not conform to dogma, it is 'ridiculed' by those who pander to such dogma. The message is one that is not well-received, even though the message may be accurate. People don't want to hear it.

Surprisingly, I've found, there are more people around than you are led to believe that do listen to properly argued information. Mostly, those who are such 'conspiracy theorists' provide supportive evidential facts that are interpreted as simply wrong without any counter argument to defend a rebuttal.

This could be regarded as misinformation disseminated by those who have an interest in rubbishing sensible comment.

That always fascinates me. This rejection based on nothing and a total disregard of the supportive evidence. Not even listening. Just rejection.

I can understand why 'dumming down' is encouraged so much today. It removes the need for the Orwellian 'thought police'. And makes it all the easier to control people by telling them how to think. If you fall into the trap of believing dogma, then your reward is that you are not considered a conspiracy theorist. If you don't accept dogma you must be a conspiracy theorist.


Who does seriously and objectively 'read' the broadsheet newspapers? My experience is that the opinions of the day are most definitely created by these newspapers. It seems to be a constant battle between the planted crowd-thinking mentality and free and independent thought.

The Daily E*****s article selection

Examples of TDE articles from 01.09.06:

a)Green Tories to tax drivers

Motorists and short-haul air travellers will be hammered by higher taxes under a Tory government. Inflation busting rises on petrol duty... Higher prices within UQ for flights - to encourage use of train.

No doubt just prior to rail ticket price hike. Squeezed between that rock and the hard place.

Shadow Chancellor, George Osbourne:

"Instead of a tax system that penalises hard work and enterprise, I want to move towards more effective and fair taxes on pollution. I want the proportion of tax revenue raised by green taxes to rise."

Watch out for the mind game here: fair taxes, tax revenue raised, green taxes to rise.

When has a tax been anything but unfair? We are so conditioned to the term being repeated 'tax', 'tax', 'tax', that it can pass you by almost unnoticed. Be aware: a tax is still a tax. Government getting its grubby hands on your money. For what?
Make no mistake Cameron's Crowd is the party that stands for the continuation in tax rises, but associates itself with the colour green. Nothing else.

Osbourne has said that's what "I want".

A high-speed rail system (MagLev). Have you heard of this before? Or has it been waiting in the wings to be rolled out... soon? But you are being conditioned to its name, whatever this technical achievement might be. No doubt it will require several £billions to develop it. Just like the 'magic' cure around the corner for some new disease. Needs £billions spent on it.

Do you ever see the accounts? No. Neither do I. Never will either. Just be told it will cost £billions and £billions.

Yeah. Sure. If they say so.

Consider this: the money you have is really only that proportion that you're allowed to keep. As time goes on this amount gets less and less, justified as tax rises. As the wealth continues to be redistributed (yes it is, taken from you and ending up with the wealthy making them even richer).

The Midas society is coming where all the rich will have to eat is gold. And that's a limited supply, like oil. Black gold. Well, drink that you fuckers. So blinded by riches that they don't see the inevitable. Pathetic. It really is. And very sad for all the rest of us. Those that are considered the lowly slaves by the deluded rich. Money and riches stay on Earth along with bones and all their rotted stinking flesh. And they think they are special. Strange logic there. Somewhere.

I have just decided that I will be cremated. I don't want the possibility of having some wealthy-in-life corpse being interred above me and symbollically shitting on me!!

b) Is your street the fattest in the country?

(Shortish headline, but how can a street be fat?)

As a pioneering new survey reveals Britain's obesity explosion...

Pioneering? Revelation?

'Scientists' have pinpointed for the first time which is the fattest street in Britain.

Survey was conducted by research group Dr Foster Intelligence. Individual mentioned: Marc Farr, but no salutation. Later a health consultant at research group Experian, Emily Sparks, again no salutation.

And it goes on with alleged statistics. The residents of Oak Road, in Easington, County Durham, are apparently 22% more than the national average at risk of obesity.

But well-heeled inhabitants of St. Mary's Gate in the Kensington and Chelsea boroughs of west London have been identified as the slimmest at 11.5% below the average for obesity.

Data was extracted from 33,000 people. For a national average, the UQ population must be considered, currently around 60 millions. So, as population sample this represents 33,000/60,000,000 * 100 = 0.055%. Not very convincing to start with and then to extrapolate to the whole of Britain.

It's clear that less wealthy communities can more likely afford only low quality food stuffs - low protein, high fat. The crap food. It's not food really, just a filler. Fast foods filled with chemicals churned out to make high profit. Lifestyles that do not allow attention to be made to self. But it's a living.

What actually does this 'reveal'? It shows that poorer communities are fed with crap food and the rich are fed well. Rocket science stuff. Nothing else really, except it seems that affluent Londoners for some reason are 'on average' slimmer. Any average always means many above and many below the median.

I'm sure that if you look just a little harder, like open your eyes for example, you will find a number of thin northerners and many 'fat' Londoners. An affluent society often has members that over indulge in all things 'good' and so it is not realistic to believe that fat Londoners do not exist. This article is trying to suggest that they don't. But they do in the north. This type of reporting sets out to find a particular conclusion and then find the 'facts' to support it. It distorts and is reporting of the worst kind.

Maybe it's what I have just done! Perhaps I should write for TDE.

c) 'Stereotyping is causing terror'

To be continued...

The illusion of change

See how the illusion works?

The legacy:

leave raised taxes, community 'charge' etc and all the unpopular changes behind and firmly in place for the next government. This one will make noises about change (which will never happen) and NOT be blamed for what has been introduced. The collusion that exists between governments is never realised. The creation of different political ideas is a screen that hides the true picture. Control.

And all governments work together at this without a break. The illusion is that when a government ends, changes happen. They do, but it's simply a continuation with more of the same. Occasionally, some insignificant issue can be removed. Unimportant, but demonstrates undoing something. Part of the cover. Appear to do something, but actually very, very little. And it can happen quite fast and will be of no import anyway.

The elimination of poverty

Can extreme poverty be eliminated? Almost certainly, but it will never be allowed to happen. If nobody is poor or starving or in some way dispossesed then control is lost by those who exploit it. Mostly used to make money. But control of the masses creates a source to 'milk' until they die. They are always replaced. Promote a growing population. Promote growth of that source.

Malnutrition causes disease. Pharmaceuticals, medicines, the health industry. Also keeps up prices for those who can afford it. Governments (ie tax payers) sustain the 'needy'.

Remember that: a government is only the incumbent that has its grubby hands on your money.

The 'cynical' spongers behave in no lesser way to the governments that create such misery.

Before the concept of money, what caused wars? Something was wanted and so was taken. No difference today except more effective in the taking with fewer 'soldiers'. But still have the same single 'commander' principle.

At least that is the illusion.

The feeling of patronisation

Patronising those of lesser intellect than yourself can be felt and 'understood' even though the action is not necessarily recognised for what it is.

Naseem Hamed

"Prince" Naseem Hamed showed no emotion as a Judge sentenced him to prison for 15 months for dangerous driving that caused a crash hitting two other vehicles and left an occupant in one of the vehicles seriously injured. Hamed was also banned from driving for four years on Friday (12.05.06).

Hamed pleaded guilty to the May incident driving a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car, which smashed into two other cars near the Hamed's home in Sheffield. The driver of one of the other cars broke numerous bones and has had several operations since the crash.

In court it was revealed that Hamed was trying to impress an associate, who was in the car with him. Hamed was traveling on the wrong side of the road at a speed estimated to be 145 km/h (90mph) when he crashed head-on into a Volkswagen Golf that emerged from a dip in the road. Hamed then hit a second vehicle, a Ford Mondeo.

According to The Press Association the court heard the driver of the Ford, Michael Wood, described Hamed's driving as "stupid, suicide, ridiculous".

During the sentencing, Judge Alan Goldsack QC said: "I have to balance the many features in this case; the aggravating features of hugely excessive speed, a blatantly dangerous manoeuvre, your persistent disregard of the speeding laws and the dreadful consequences of this offence for your victims against the mitigating features of a guilty plea, your good character in all respects other than motoring matters and the absence of some features present in many such cases - the most obvious being drink."

Offensively, the suggestion is that as drink was not implicated, then it's not so serious, rather than greater care and attention should have been exercised.

The sentence should have originally been greater for this fact alone. That care and attention was clearly NOT exercised.

Also, "good character in all other respects" seems to make it OK to behave in this "stupid, suicide, ridiculous" manner. It doesn't and any previous "good character" behaviour is wiped out. That's the price of being a prat. A seriously dangerous prat.

The Judge added: "I have no doubt the only possible sentence here is an immediate custodial sentence. It is far too serious for anything else. Having performed that balancing exercise, there will be a prison sentence of 15 months."

[Well, actually there won't be. Wonder why?]

Judge Alan Goldsack voiced regret that the law did not allow him to jail Naseem for longer and said: "You could easily have killed Mr Burgin."

The victim of Naseem Hamed's dangerous driving Anthony Burgin spoke out in court about the crash that broke almost every major bone in his body, the most seriously injured in the car accident caused by Naseem Hamed. He was still in an elbow brace when he attended the sentencing. He was quoted by the Mirror UK, saying: "My heart was in my mouth waiting for the sentence but I'm so glad the right message to other speeding drivers was sent out by the judge. This devastated our lives."

Anthony fumed: "He just walked away from the wreckage without even checking if I was alive or phoning for help. He abandoned us and left me to die because his first and only instinct was to save himself and walk away. That man left me for dead."

Mr. Burgin was also angry that Naseem never bothered to say sorry for last May's crash other than a half-hearted apology through his lawyer in court.

In regards to Hamed's apology through his lawyer, Mr. Burgin had this to say:

"It was too little too late. He could have contacted us or written a letter, but he didn't. If he really wanted to say sorry he would have done so, but he has no idea how much damage he's done to us."

"Obviously he would have preferred not to have been sent to prison if that could have been avoidable but he took his penalty and accepted his penalty in the manner I would expect from him."

Hamed showed no emotion as he was sent down, but members of his family, who were sitting in the packed public gallery, broke down in tears.

Outside court, Jane Wright, the solicitor for Mr Burgin and his wife, said: "Our clients are extremely relieved with this decision and the sentence that has been returned.

"People must never underestimate the amount of damage done to people's lives through driving dangerously. They hope that this sentence will help other people realise the dangers inherent in speeding."

In retrospect, 16 weeks of a 64 week sentence - 25%.

Hamed's family refused to make any comment.

And as the boxing star began a 15-month jail term, Anthony furiously branded him a callous coward for the way he fled the crash scene. He fumed: "He just walked away from the wreckage without even checking if I was alive or phoning for help.

"He abandoned us and left me to die because his first and only instinct was to save himself and walk away. That man left me for dead."

He admitted dangerous driving.

The painter and decorator, who lives near him, blasted: "It was too little too late. He could have contacted us or written a letter, but he didn't. "If he really wanted to say sorry he would have done so, but he has no idea how much damage he's done to us."

The star, famed for his cocky arrogance in the ring, admitted he embarked on the perilous manoeuvre after losing patience with the driver ahead of him. He told police: "At the time I was just so het up and so frustrated with a car in front that was braking. "All I could see was the guy looking in his mirror and seeing who was behind him. It was irritating."

But the motorist, Michael Wood, branded the manoeuvre "stupid, suicidal and ridiculous".

Anthony smashed his left leg - with his bones sticking through his skin. He also broke both upper and lower arms, his right thigh, several ribs and injured his spine. As a result of several ops, his left leg is now nearly 2ins shorter than his right. Anthony also suffered swelling to part of his brain, his vision was affected and he may never work again. He sat in court with wife Claire yesterday with his right elbow still in a metal frame. Prosecutor Mr Hatton said: "He considers his life to be wrecked."

And Anthony said outside court: "My injuries were horrific. It's amazing I'm alive and sitting here, because the doctors didn't expect me to survive."

And he is sickened that Naseem appeared to show little concern for his welfare as he hurried away from the accident to his nearby home.

The star argued he ran off to get help for his bleeding passenger, but he feebly claimed he feared trouble might erupt if people arrived at the scene and recognised him.

But Anthony retorted: "I still want to know how he could leave me there when he went home and changed his shirt. "Why didn't he go to the fire station just two doors away from his home? If I had been responsible for doing that to someone I'd have to know how the other person was. I'd have gone to see him to make sure he was OK. But no, he just took the easy way out and ran away. He didn't care. That's what upsets us most in all this. Accidents happen, but the speed he was going, crossing the double white lines then getting out and legging it - that beggars belief."

The court heard that over the past 11 years Hamed had clocked up four previous speeding offences - three of which incurred penalty points and one that landed him a three-month ban.

However, the court did not hear about a one-year speeding ban imposed after he was caught at 110mph in 1996 - after the DVLA refused to release details to avoid infringing his human rights.

The judge said: "I find it astonishing that the DVLA has not been prepared to cooperate with the prosecution to give them details of your earlier offences, apparently on human rights grounds."

Amazingly the boxer's lawyer Martin Sharpe tried to blame the horror crash on the supercar, which bore the personal number plate NAS1.

Mr Sharp pointed out it was new and said Naseem did not fully understand its performance levels.But he added: "He accepts his driving was both reckless and dangerous.He was taking a fellow motoring enthusiast out for a drive and took a stupid risk overtaking at completely the wrong place. What he then did could never be any excuse for what happened. He overtook when he should not have done, when conditions were not proper.

What about speeding on the wrong side of the road? At night.

"He realises that words alone can never be recompense and nothing he can say can ever make up for all the hurt that his actions alone have caused."

Ready to be sick?

Naseem remained impassive but pregnant wife Eleasha wept in the public gallery as sentence was passed.

Not for Mr Burgin, though, I'm sure.

Judge Goldsack told him: "You have shown a persistent disregard for the motoring laws, particularly speed limits.

"Speeding is clearly not something you got out of your system as a young man. It was a major cause of this incident. Your fame does not mean... be dealt with in any different way... You, like everyone else, have an obligation to obey the law when behind the wheel of a motor car."

And he said he regretted that plans to increase the two-year maximum sentence for dangerous driving which does not result in death had failed. The available maximum, where death does not result, is insufficient to do justice in many case. Yours, in my judgment, is such a case."

His ex- manager and trainer Brendan Ingle said: "It's been well documented that he had problems with his driving.

Problems? Yes. I would call it problems.

So why is he still on the roads?

"It just shouldn't have got this far but that's what happens when fame and money go to your head."

Just how far should it have got? Or not. Stopped before getting to court?

The Burgins now plan to sue him in a bid to rebuild their shattered lives.

Claire said: "We've had to survive on one salary while he's swanning around in his luxury cars.

"This has affected our relationship. I was nursing Anthony 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can't do that without falling out occasionally."

Lawyer Jane Wright said she was preparing a compensation claim.

She said: "This money will be recompense for their shattered lives, enabling them to get the best medical care and improve their quality of life as much as is now possible."

Naseem Hamed left jail in Doncaster, south Yorkshire, yesterday after serving 16 weeks of a 15-month sentence for dangerous driving, convicted in May of seriously injuring a 38-year-old man in a 90mph head-on collision when driving his £320,000 Mercedes McLaren last year. A silver Rolls-Royce and a stretch Range Rover were waiting for the former world featherweight champion outside Moorland open prison.

As he left Hamed said his "heart went out" to the injured couple, Anthony Burgin and his wife Clare.

Well, Hamed has lost my respect totally. Firstly for the attitude that caused the collision. Secondly, the attitude of "It's OK, because no one died." He caused the problem, but no one died. Isn't that good fortune for Hamed. The victim had just about every major bone in his body broken. Isn't that good fortune for Hamed? So: why was he let out so early? 16 weeks of 15 months = 25%. Fucking disgrace.

When Hamed began professional boxing he was a refreshing stylist. Neither orthodox nor southpaw, but switching between the two. Effective because the direction of attack was totally unpredictable. Over the last several years he has moved out of the public mind. Profile has been on the descent and is still accelerating downwards.


I don't care. Rich losers don't count in important issues.


What makes writers 'ghostwrite'? Would they not want their own identity to be associated with what they could write or do they also write under their own or a penname? It sustains the lie that a well-known 'celebrity' can also be an author when clearly these 'famous' people don't have the ability or diction.

Maybe they do, so why does a publisher employ ghostwriters? If the well known 'name' attempted to write, it would almost certainly be a literary disaster. These first-time writer 'celebs' produce a 'bestseller' according to the publisher.

Well, I suppose they have to try and get something back for the financial risk involved.

Synergy of purpose

Below the level of the neck, if a finger is severed then pain is felt. The rest of the body remains intact. If an arm is cut off this too is acknowledged by the brain. The receiver of the information. The brain senses the injury and essentially dispenses what we feel as pain. Above the neck, if an ear is lost this is recognised. At neck level, if this is severed does the brain sense the injury, albeit for a very short time?

Until the oxygen in the blood has been exhausted, the brain is intact as it hasn't itself been injured. It simply cannot be supplied with everything the blood provides.

In a macabre scenario, brain activity should be examined at a beheading. It is the only way this question could be answered.

Fear and the security services

To make the existence of security services acceptable to the state's own citizens, it is a good idea to foster fear currently by way of terrorism. The fact that these agencies exist becomes a way of life. People are conditioned into acceptance through the acceptance of fear.

The RAND 'think tank' Corporation

According to the RAND Corporation (Research ANd Development) in 1994, a study claimed it is 23 times more cost-effective, when it comes to reducing consumption of drugs, to treat heavy cocaine users than trying to cut the supply source. Useful study to refer to when making a case to sustain the drug trade.

There are always long queues of desperate (drug free) new users coming through the door so that while diverting resources to treating the current stock of problems the new stock mounts up as the production and supply remains healthy.

Common sense dictates (to me) that kill the source, then deal with the problem. Classic case of seeming to do something, but in effect doing nothing about the problem.

Deal with the root of a problem and the symptoms go away. Treat the symptoms and the problem will return. Probably worse.

ie. Healthier trade, more lucrative.

Wonderful stuff if I had an interest in making this evil trade grow and grow.

Rape as a weapon

Rape: any male who takes to penerative rape really does have a psychological hatred of women. Even those who would gang rape. There will be the gang 'leader' who exercises control by maybe not 'going first' or at all. But totally insist that his gang is directly involved. Some leaders can be ruthlessly clever. Or they are just that little bit smarter than the stupid dumb shits who constitute the moronic gang. It's all relative. Not quite as pathetically stupid as the rest of the gang, perhaps. But still stupid.

Some, like the fictional Sherlock Holmes are mysogonists. Not women haters, just a kind of disdain. There can be respect, but never 'sexual desire' in any form, even to control.

Rapists can use the act to gain absolute control. Violently beating or raping are forms of the same deficit. Mental instability. Inadequacy. Weakness.

A 'manufactured' disease?

Is fungal disease so very rampant in society? Apparently. How can we know this? Vast numbers of antifungal drugs are manufactured and sold. Then prescribed by doctors.

So, is the disease 'manufactured'?

Create an alleged disease and then provide a pill to 'beat' it. It has to work as the circumstances in which it is 'needed' can be engineered.

But, maybe not.

The Bush generations - what choice?

Three generations of the Bush 'dynasty'.

Prescott Bush

George Bush, Snr

George Bush, Jnr.

Then there's governor Jeb Bush, W's brother.

How is it that out of 200 million or so Americans, the SAME FAMILY is 'in charge'.

The age of awareness

My awareness started quite late in life when Margaret Thatcher was PM; around my second-to-third decade. Only in recent years has it become clear to me the damage the Tory (Thatcher) policies had done. The rot set in. Comments like "selling off the family silver" were heard, but not really appreciated for what they meant. £Billions have been 'acquired' at public expense. The proof is here that whether Tory or Labour, it's just a label disguising the same monster.

Corporate monster takes on a new meaning in the sense of what is at the top. Big business is run by a few small people each with a BIG ego. Directors try to hide from responsibility, but protection runs deeper. Corporate culpability. Directors take responsibility for the actions of their employees. This basic tenet is written in law. That nothing is ever done again is an example of 'us' and 'them'.

Imagine Churchill in 'power' at any time other than those war years. Because of the prevailing circumstances at that time, much was acceptable by comparison to the perceived alternatives. Just bear in mind that propaganda works both ways. Selling the people an idea. Truth doesn't matter because lies are simply the means to an end. The desirable end to the few.


Maybe, but start asking yourself distasteful questions. The foul tasting truth or sweet lies. Which would be better? The right path is rarely the easiest. The right path is generally more difficult to tread. How shallow are you? How far under the surface are you prepared to dive to find honesty and integrity? Take a very deep breath as you have to go deeper and deeper as the shit continues to rise.

Sunday 'slow' drivers

When I was very young, towards the end of my first decade of life, I used to think of 'Sunday' slow drivers. That was the appreciation then in the days of an awareness deficit. Deficit is possibly the wrong word. It suggests that once 'plenty' has been reduced. Something taken away. Like freedom. Like responsibility.

A breakaway from society's standards. I have always been considered a 'bit of a rebel', but challenging something you disagree withn is very healthy. Mentally refreshing. Being in control of your own destiny and not being directed by others. I am not alone. Millions, maybe billions (hopefully), think like me. It would be called subversion in a lesser 'free' societies than UQ (aka UK).

Awareness of standards

When did any of us become aware of accepted standards. We only judge retrospectively. Thinking how 'awful' society has become. Be careful not to mix up the ever growing selfish outlook that is happening now. In the last decade. Or is that only my appreciation since I was not consciously aware of it longer ago? I didn't exist longer ago! The natural human desire to procreate goes back to the beginnings of human history, either as Man or ape or even further. At what age does the awareness to procreate awaken.

It is only society that has imposed standards, but who is society. Opinions are still being engineered today so when 'society' is blamed we should all look closer in the attempt to identify who is 'society'.

An individual? A (small) group of people who have the reason to control societal thinking. Yes. To control how we think. The modern ethic of slavery. The concept of financial reward has been in existence for a long time now. And the less 'we' get the more 'they' get. But value, worth and inflation paint a confusing picture that appears complex. It isn't really. That's just the illusion. The cake has a finite size. The less 'we' get, the more 'they' get. Simple. Work out for yourself who is 'we' and who is 'they'. It's a fascinating exercise.

The descent of evolution. Being dragged down into the pit. To resurface you must break free or you too will drown in the 'shit' that we will soon reach.

But in which direction is the shit: 'up' or 'down'.

What actually is slavery?

Slavery' should be considered in the context of 'money'. When was financial reward invented? When was money invented? The Romans had it, but how much further back can it be traced? Think of 5,000 years ago, even 10,000 years ago. To occupy peoples' time it is quite possible, even probable, that what we would today consider slavery was actually an accepted way of life. A comfortable standard. Basically, kept with housing and food. And activity.

Maintain a potential army in a fit state rather than sit around getting bored. Getting fat. A scenario that may encourage crime. Greed, but in a sense of theft. When did this concept first appear?

Stealing. Ambition: when did these concepts appear?

When were such words as ambition, stealing or theft introduced into modern language?

It is only by looking back from today's 'values' that a very possibly distorted appreciation may be realised.

The importance of somebody else's war

Interesting to speculate who except the British, maybe Americans... who else is interested in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Afghanistan and...?

Probably as many as those who were interested in their wars.

What wars?


The paperless office

Don't forget the paperless office.

It is still being overwhelmed with more and more paper. A lot of it being 'junk' mail. Ironic that a natural resource (trees) are being destroyed to simply send out mostly unwanted junk that only pisses off many. And does nothing except help reduce the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Trees like any vegetation breathe in CO2 and output O2. Air breathing creatures includes reptiles, insects and mammals (humans, apes, whales etc) and are just organisms that consume this essentially toxic gas. And one of the topics of global 'talk' is the amount of CO2 in the air we breathe.

And we reduce the number of trees - the 'lungs of the Earth'.


Drugs: any curtailment of operations like destroying crops will not necessarily affect the potency of street supply. This will make no immediate change to the diluted ('cut') street product as the stock of pure product would last a long time anyway, although the longer term outlook may be more encouraging. It will probably drive up prices though. A 'scarcity' will happen.

It is more effective, though more difficult, to educate potential users before starting and becoming another stastistic: an addict waiting to die. It won't happen. Too much control, power and money. For most of those who are already addicts, it is probably too late. Sad maybe, but it's reality. Nobody asked them to become addicts. To start taking drugs. It's self imposed. Short term stupid thinking.

Like government. So 'short term' it can last a decade. Goverments aren't inept. They are not incompetent, but the illusion is created to justify so many 'mistakes'. They are made up of real people with motives. And they're not the same as yours or mine. Hidden agendas.

Mistakes happen. Occasionally. But a string of mistakes followed by another string of mistakes? This is the crude deviousness of a well-constructed and very long-term game plan. What one goverment starts the next one will continue. It takes so long, years and years, to undo anything, but it's almost immediate to add to the 'mess'. To make things worse, but with the illusion of trying to change things.

You don't notice that there has been a very long-term global game plan.

Governments do very little except impose more and more restrictions upon us all and leave the majority with less and less while gaining more and more for the 'wealthy' minority.

Illicit-drug production and manufacture. Distribution and supply is unofficial by government: making money without 'official tax'. Like the tax on the class A drug nicotine (tobacco, doesn't that sound less dangerous than nicotine, a class A deadly alkaloid drug, the most addictive natural drug known to mankind).

Perhaps it's time goverment came clean and admitted that's what it'd like to do? What? Come clean? Be straightand honest? I am not that naïve, really. It was purely rhetorical question.

Make it all legal and instantly reduce crime. That's much more likely. The crime no longer exists. Think Human Rights and the potential for a violation by simply being accused of an alleged crime. It's come that little bit closer by decriminalising cannabis. Sharpening that thin end of the wedge ready to drive it home.

Suppliers are not in business other than to make money. The end-user, the hapless addict, pays more for a 'hit' and as a consequence crime rates go up. A viscious circle. The more effective crime busting becomes, the more money that is made. The number of addicts never comes down. Like smokers: they die early from their habit, but are always replaced by more children. All this advertising ban effort. Doesn't work, does it? Why not? Because stupid overpaid minor 'celebrities' are seen and photographed indulging in their habit. They don't actually have to 'smoke'. Just be seen and photographed with a 'fag'. Get paid a lot for maintaining the illusion that smoking is 'cool'. Fucking stupid, but cool.

It is not just the 'drug lords', street sellers or addicts who suffer. It is not a self enclosed society. Like villains who never 'hurt' anybody outside their circle. Rather naïve. Everybody in society is affected somehow. Everybody. The bystander gets 'hurt' for being in the wrong place at the right time. The mugging victim. The victim of burglary. Addicts feed their habit off 'petty' crime. What crime is ever 'petty'? Never, ever to the victims of crime.

This American 'War on Drugs' and 'War on Terror'. Not very effective is it? Well, it is really. The Afghanistan 'farce'. The US justification to invade Europe and the first step to the oil of Iraq. Oppressive regimes like the Taliban or Saddam Hussein. What about Robert Mugabe? Remember that other black African Idi Amin? And who is getting killed? British soldiers. Fucking Bliar again. Ask yourself why British soldiers are in Afghanistan or Iraq. Why a British presence ever happened in Iraq. This illegal war that took place. Even Bush now admits that WMD that were supposed to exist never did. It was enough though that they may have existed. To embark on mass murder.

Legal-war makes it all OK? Illegal war constitutes war crime.

Would Bliar ever admit that he's a liar? Not impossible, but not particularly likely either. Just about inconceivable. Or that he's in politics not only for what he can get out of it, but most importantly what controls on the population he can impose.

Cynical isn't it.

A government organ

That government organ (The Daily E*****s) continues to publish the 'good news'.

"ROMANIANS WILL SWAMP BRITAIN - hundreds of thousands will move to your country, warns their own government adviser"

So it seems that the deal has been struck between these two governments.

Keep up the 'fear' level.

Like inheritance tax or speed cameras. It's all here to stay. The illusion is campaigning against it all. The reality is to condition the citizens of Bliar UQ (aka UK) into acceptance. Keep it high in the public mind. Keep reminding people of what is going to happen. It's psychological attack at its crudest.

I've decided to monitor The Daily E*****s more closely rather than reject it as it's a good source to stay ahead of the 'government' mentality. Between the excellently satirical Private Eye and this government 'truth' paper, reality will win through.

As the saying goes: "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer".

Wise words.

Corporate mantra

Toeing the line. Saying the 'corporate' mantra. Believing your own self-delusion. Reality built on delusion. It's how some people seem to 'get on'. They are so reliable. Can be counted on to always say the 'right' thing. Those concepts that everybody else knows are wrong. But people 'in charge' subvert through fear. Holding back careers until you 'think correctly' in that expected way. Sell your soul. To whom? Usually the paymaster. Hostage to the filthy lucre. Nearly always works. And they wonder why there is so much hostility. So much conflict.

The people who cause the problem would be the last to know. They are totally incapable of seeing that they are the problem.

Sun exposure and cancer

The concept that early exposure to sunburn, in childhood perhaps, increases your chances of developing cancer. That's a good one. Based on fear. It may be true, but what's the evidence? Just a circulated story to bolster sales of those products designed to 'protect' against sunburn.

The best protection?

Cover up against the fierce burning power of the sun. Skin goes brown as a defence against the sun's rays. There is such bizarre hypocrisy in all this. And it's really confused. On the one hand there is the 'body-beautiful' and on the other it is taken in some cultures to represent an underdog.

Stupid 'celebrities' get paid a lot of money to promote lies. The stupid selling to the gullible. What a combination. But it makes a shed load of money for these 'businesses'. Extracting money from people by selling them something they shouldn't really need if it weren't for their gullibility and vanity.

The cash cow lives on

Keep people alive longer to get more money out of them. The living provide money. The dead don't. Even those forced into care homes. Indirectly the state extracts revenue from the aged living: introduce property into the system at the current 'market' price before it appreciates in value.

The state will get inheritance tax. This will never be abandoned. It's much too lucrative and on the increase (more than £2 billion in 2005-2006).

Hygiene isn't a catch phrase

Classic misdirection principle: people are getting ill these days because the hygiene aware society does not get exposed to bugs and germs for the body to develop an immunity against disease.

What a load of crap.

That's like getting an immunity against shit by being exposed to it? I think not. Have you seen peoples' attitude to cleanliness and personal hygiene? Some very sensible. Many appalling. A total unawareness in some cases.

The diversion? Away from the many chemicals in food. Those that make it possible to have hot ready meals virtually in an instant. And that after long-term cold storage. Those chemicals that make fat palatable (never forget the reason for including salt). And those that make you want more. To consume more than the body needs. More profit by more sales.

Do you still think anyone gives a shit about your health? If you are alive someone can make money from you. When you're dead...?

Taste enhancers like monosodiumglutamate (MSG).

Have you ever wondered why sodium content only refers to just 'sodium'? It represents all the sources of sodium without the need to declare what they actually are. The sodium level in the diet is not only and always from 'table' salt or 'sea' salt (the same thing). But the total sodium content includes chemicals like MSG.

This also takes attention away from the very chemicals used to 'clean'. In many cases, rather dangerous chemicals. Read the labels on some of those products you have in your kitchen. Bathroom. Toilet.

But the message being communicated? It's the peoples' fault themselves for being too careful about cleanliness. It's just ironic that attempting to chase after cleanliness actually exposes you a raft of toxic chemicals. Who uses the appropriate gloves, dust masks (though most are solutions in water and so rendered even more dangerous by way of skin absorbtion) or other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Some just report. Some circulate the misinformation. It's not necessarily a conspiracy, just a non-questioning attitude. Acceptance. Subjugation.

The AA and speed cameras

The most recent (2007) GB and Ireland AA Road Atlas has the location of every speed camera.


Scuba diving dangers

Holidaymakers, it seems who are tempted to take SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving lessons could be risking death or serious injury. Novices are being misled by being able to secure "advanced diver" status after as few as nine dives.

Many divers become over-confident and some oganisations abroad may not even check for medical problems. People have a few dives and think they are advanced divers because they are told so, yet are unprepared for the very real dangers they might come across.

Just because they have a piece of paper saying they are advanced does not make them so.

Three recent deaths highlight the problem:

One who qulified on a two-week holiday on Kos in Greece two years before died in June last year when he surfaced too quickly off Plymouth. He failed to declare a string of medical conditions and felt unwell before the dive. And how much diving had been done between these two periods?

A 65 year old novice died after resurfacing too quickly after running short of air at a depth of 69ft. Experienced divers keep an eye on air levels.

Another died after mixing up air tanks. He had completed a wreck-diving course two weeks before.

Can you imagine a parachutist not checking his own equipment before jumping?

This is tragic enough, but all three had been drinking the night before they died. No criticism of their training was made.

Due to commercial reasons the number of dives required to gain qualifications has declined in recent years. The sport is self-regulated so no standardised training happens. The quality of training is not about the time spent in the water, but how a diver copes.

'Advanced' is not defined to mean a standard to demonstrate any capability of expedition leadership, but only the second level (of five). Properly trained divers are made fully aware of what their capabilities should be.

Be aware that qualifications gained abroad are not necessarily relevant for diving in English waters as there are completely different conditons of currents, swells and poor visibility.

Cross-check companion's equipment prior to a dive.

Don't cheat on medical conditions by not revealing them. Especially to just get onto a course.

Research the company that is offering to teach you. Ensure they do the relevant medical checks and question you about your experience.

Never drink (heavily) the night before a dive.

Drugs at Folk Week

Local story: potentially fatal drugs stolen from a tent at the Broadstairs Folk Week campsite at Upton School grounds in the town have not been recovered. Police issued a warning after three 50ml bottles and three 30ml bottles of heroin substitute methadone were taken between midnight and 6am the following day.

So, what was such a drug doing at a campsite during Folk Week? Presumably, someone trying to get off heroin addition? I don't know what the dosage would be for methadone, but the quantities seem to be rather a lot.

But, it was for a whole week, I suppose.

Tainted food

Nearly all food is tainted somehow. The growing methods use chemicals. 'Organically' produced food has the best chance. Production of free range eggs may be kinder to chickens, but if fed on grain that is produced using chemicals this must damage the eggs.

Still free range? Must not confuse this ethic with organically produced.

Food sources are unpleasant if considered in the detail: eggs and what and how they actually are made.

Meat being dead animal flesh.

Vegetarians still consume 'dairy' products and I can empathise with vegans who do not touch any of these 'products'.

What is cancer incidence in vegans compared to everyone else?

The illusion caused by speed

The illusion of 'speed'. In a built up area speed is more pronounced than in open spaces. There are no close-in reference points. For some people it is clear that the illusion is real.

As though the same absolute speed in either place is different.

Parking violations

Car reg of the selfish. No valid and appropriate documentation on display. Compilation started 24.08.06 and lasted two months: over a period of about an hour or two most days. They come. They go. Some stay. Different times of the day.

It also seems that new-car drivers use the wider disabled-driver bays to protect their possession from inconsiderate or careless owners. Clearly, some people can afford to buy a new car, but cannot afford to own one. They being limited in their understanding of responsibility.

Nobody seems to care.

GL05 THN - in blue disabled. Renault Scenic (3 times).
AJ06 WSK - in blue disabled. VW Sharan.
Y983 TKE - in blue disabled. KIA Sedona.
GD03 XHP - in blue disabled. Vauxhall Zafira.
VO04 LJJ - in blue disabled. Vauxhall Corsa.
R380 XKM - in blue disabled. Citroën ZX (nearly empty car park).
DK53 ABZ - in blue disabled. Toyota HIACE.
F569 NCD - in blue disabled. Vauxhall Astra.
X893 FKJ - in blue disabled. VW Bora.
MIB 244 - in blue disabled. Renault Clio.
Y724 WKJ - in blue disabled. Vauxhall Agila.
GF02 MYJ - in blue disabled. KIA Sedona.
A12 FSM - in blue disabled. Renault Mégane.
N636 CVM - in blue disabled. Renault.
X279 MKK - in blue disabled. Fiat Punto.
X503 DRW - in blue disabled. Vauxhall Corsa.
RJ05 GYS - in blue disabled. Ford Focus.
LY06 CKJ - in blue disabled. Honda Accord.

"UN troops" to Lebanon

Troops pledged for UN force:

Under UN Resolution 1701 authorisation has been passed for an expansion of the peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon from 2,000 to 15,000 soldiers.

UN officials in New York say that the French will lead the mission with Italy as number two. The deployment of 3,500 soldiers should begin within 10 days.

So far pledged numbers amount to:

2000-3000 soldiers







6 Jaguar reconnaissance aircraft
1 frigate

Hopes the French send more troops

The arms roundabout

It seems that equipment originally supplied to Iran by the British has found its way into the hands of Hizbollah.

When you sell anything to anybody you instantly lose control of what happens to it. Effectively lose responsibility too. There is neither any ongoing responsibility or control as to how anything will be used.

Drug trafficking

One in seven prisoners in the UK is a foreign national and the numbers are increasing and growing at four times the rate of home-grown convicts. Behind it all is the medium of drugs. Trafficking by 'mules' is rife: of the foreigner prison population, 40% are male and 60% female. Carrying narcotics on an airplane, secreted in the body, is a highly dangerous action for the 'mule'. It's a serious crime, but the overseas drug lords take no risk at all.

Four steps to be taken have been identified:

(a) efforts to minimise drug taking in the UK by punishing possession
(b) disrupt the production of drugs abroad
(c) deportation of any convicted foreign national for any minor crime
(d) effective border security

Identified. But which have been implemented?

Saudi Arabian arms deal

Saudi's £10 billion arms deal safeguards British jobs in the UK and Saudi Arabia (2,300 jobs). Shares in BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce have surged and this deal marks victory against the American Joint Strike Fighter and the French Rafael jet. This deal could double to £20 billion over the next 25 years.

Payment could be made in oil.

This can also be viewed as an opportunity to advertise the Typhoon as a "product people want to buy" (International Institute for Strategic Studies in London).

Isn't it odd how such cost can be viewed in such long terms when it deals with such deadly merchandise? But it should safeguard the jobs of many, even though it will eventually cause the death of tens of 1000s.

Something very cynical here as money by the shedload exchanges hands, but as though the arms will never actually be used. Rather like nuclear arms that will never be used.

The Iranian stance is that nuclear power will be used for energy production and not creating nuclear arms. That is doubted and Iran will use the nuclear material for warmongering.

You are in the Middle East with lots of oil under the ground and the US wants it.

What would you do?

Describing emotions

Who can describe emotions?

That feeling of overwhelming sadness, grief, despair, happiness, well-being, contentedness, exhilaration... and on it goes.

Who can judge the mental image someone has at that moment of rage when murder is instantaneously enacted? No thought. No reasoning.

Straightforward action. The act is done. No premeditation. Complete without realisation.

"Trumped-up" charge in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwian justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa, in an attempt to scupper the prosecution of a colleague, Didymus Mutasa, security and lands minister who was charged with "inciting public violence" after gangs attacked his political rivals, allegedly offered a witness a farm siezed from a white owner.

Chinamasa is a loyal member of President Robert Mugabe's cabinet and author of a raft of repressive laws and protests his innocence of the "trumped-up" charge.

In 2002, he was convicted for contempt of court and sentenced to three months in prison.

He never went to jail and the judge was arrested and held for three days.


Pinochet may face fraud trial. Immunity from prosecution stripped away.

Why did that take so long? I suppose at 90 years old the longer it goes on the greater the chance of him dying of 'natural' causes. It would be cheaper and quicker, though possibly not quite so satisfying. Even if found guilty (of fraud) he'd not spend much time in prison.

Only fraud. But it's a start.

With $26 million (£14 million) in a Washington bank - where else? - it only concerns £2 million allegedly diverted from the exchequer.

Chilean or US? Well, I imagine it's not US so...

They may be able to "get him", but only for fraud of a small amount.

There are bigger stakes here. You work it out.

The Daily E*****s reports...

£30.4 million mortgage loans for July. Interesting this. The Daily Telegraph apparently describes this as "raising further fears for Britain's economy and indebted homeowners."

The Daily E*****s seems to imagine this all a good thing. Loans booming. House price rises soaring, but...

...households are heavily in debt according to economists. Ever increasing energy prices and interest rises expected later in the year, consumer prices are likely to be under pressure.

It looks like people are just giving up. Don't care anymore. Although slightly less that in June (6%), it was 19% higher than a year ago at £25.5 billion.

If this is for one month then around £30.4*12 = £364.8 billion will be loaned in one year. That equates to an ENORMOUS interest account for one year's loans. Year in year out and increasing...

We will reach meltdown and it's only a matter of when. Bliar will be gone. Somewhere. USA? Scotland? Hell?

Are you all STILL asleep? Comatose? Couldn't give a shit?

Being screwed by Bliar so hard and not notice. Amazing.

Note: £1 trillion = £1000,000,000,000.

All those zeros are so much more impressive (£1 million million or £1000 billion).

Footballer initiation

John Terry is initiated into mainline football: the new England captain was fined £100 for failing to tell police who was driving his Bentley (what else?) when someone was filmed speeding in it.

Where? Do you care? I don't. I don't particularly like football, even less now after this report. And I don't like John Terry as a result. Not that he'd be bothered to read that.

Generously, he admitted not responding to police within the one-month time limit. Couldn't do anything else, if he didn't, could he?

Is this all you pay? £100. Presumably you get the points added to the licence? But, maybe you don't.

After all, there is no conviction. No crime. Simply the 'oversight' of not responding.

I'll pass it on (pun intentional).

Did you know that the choices exist of paying £100 for a speed awareness course and no points added to your licence or pay £60 with 3 points. If you don't get points it won't affect your insurance.

Mind you, it requires integrity and a sense of real responsibility to admit speeding rather than wriggling through hoops to avoid it.

The self-delusion is that something has been 'got away with'. Actually, people aren't always that stupid. They know very well that the worm has been doing some wrigling.


Teachers are not substitute disciplinarians for police.

It seems to be the switch that the police are involved in: 'disciplining' of teachers for doing the police service job. Parents take action against teachers and get it on legal aid, no doubt. If cost was borne by these people then it should make reckless court action less likely.

If the system is abused, it must be removed.

This is a general problem with legal aid. But it would mean less legal work through the courts and thence less income for the lawyers.

So make it a tax payers liability to subsidise all these legal vultures.

The stench of vested interest rises even higher.

Airline bomber suspects

Police found martyr videos of airline bomb plot suspects. Allegedly these videos had been found on confiscated laptops. Unnamed intelligence sources have been quoted by the BBC as saying the recordings involved some of the arrested suspects. These were intended as a filmed will or testimony according to the unnamed sources.

Well, if unnamed sources say so then it must be true.

Also, it was reported that police had found a suitcase containing components needed to make an explosive devise.

Scotland Yard has refused to comment.

Expectation of a speed merchant

Having the right of way on a road seems to equate to irresponsibility in the mindset of some. It is the expectation that those who don't have this right of passage, trying to join this road, will be careful and see the fuckhead speeding carelessly along.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reporting in newspapers

Something came dramatically into my awareness today:

The Daily E*****s, again. I've just read today's TIMES (05.09.06) and then scanned yesterday's DE. It was very noticeable that the DE 'story' selection held fear articles, designed to worry.

THE TIMES articles just appeared to be reporting those of current interest.

It may be, of course, that TDE is revealing 'truth' whereas THE TIMES is trying to do the opposite.
COLLECTING a Blue Peter badge or leaving on a hymn and a prayer - literally - are an unorthodox way for a Prime Minister to bid his farewells.

But Tony Blair has always been a master of surprises, often defying political gravity.

The leaking of the Downing Street memorandum gives an extraordinary insight into the real machinations going on in the No 10 bunker.

Falk AdSolution

This is politics at its most raw. Publicly the PM is vague and dismissive of a likely departure date. Privately a highly detailed battle plan is in place that aims to catapult Mr Blair out of office and into elder statesmanship with as many bells and whistles as possible.

The key aides masterminding the most drawn-out exit in British political history have thought of everything - even a celestial choir, courtesy of Songs of Praise.

As they bunker down in the PM's study at the back of No10 over endless cups of milky tea, the level of detail that has been nailed down is breathtaking.

Mr Blair will leave, as he arrived, on a brilliantly orchestrated PR campaign. He will be spun from office.

The loyalists - known as the "ultras" in Labour circles - began to formulate a plan soon after his historic victory at the polls in May last year. These diehards - Mr Blair's Brains Trust, the people who have delivered for him time and time again in the last nine years - have long feared the Brownite hordes gathering at the Whitehall gates.

Informal get-togethers once a month gave way to more urgent discussions as it became clear the furore surrounding the PM's departure date just would not go away. The meetings have been late in the evening at No10 when only key staff remain or brainstorming weekends at Chequers when all concerned can be at their most candid.

The people Mr Blair trusts most - so much so that they can often contradict or shout down the PM in the most casual manner - have formulated an exacting blueprint.

And with Blairites and Brownites among the rank and file now at daggers drawn, the PM is eager to rise above the fray and let both sets of supporters slug it out.

But what both camps will be stunned to learn from the memo is that the main thing on the PM's mind is the PM himself.

One line reads: "His genuine legacy is not the delivery, important though that is, but the dominance of New Labour ideas - the triumph of Blairism."

Today's revelations of secret manoeuvrings over the manner and timing of his departure will inevitably intensify pressure to name that date. While Mr Blair scolds us for "obsessing" over his exit date, it is clear he is a lot more obsessed. Operation Stand Down is an exhaustive and in parts exhausting process.

Reading through the memorandum, the odds have shortened considerably on a likely exit around May's 10th anniversary. The countdown has started and the PM has only himself to blame.

He created the current wave of speculation and playground yah-boo between supporters and opponents by announcing two years ago that he would be off at some point.

And only Mr Blair can end the bickering by opening his diary and showing the month, if not the week or day, he has probably ringed.

Insults flying as Blairite fanatics Stephen Byers and Alan Milburn trade curses with champions of Chancellor Gordon Brown, led by his "brain" Ed Balls, are undermining public confidence and weakening the Labour party.

Tory leader David Cameron is grinning from ear to ear, picking up votes as the electorate grows disillusioned with the squabbling.

Education Secretary Alan Johnson, a good bet for Deputy to a Premier Brown, struggled to interest radio inquisitors yesterday in healthier school meals.

Interviewers wanted to know what he thought about the PM's "not telling" mantra and if he was interested in the job. With the boss preparing to quit but keeping us all guessing, who can blame them?

The line trotted out by No10, that it would be worse for Mr Blair if he told us, does not wash. It is hard to imagine how anything could be more destabilising than the present destructive uncertainty.

Governments are about more than a single figure and Labour faces a stark choice.

The party can be a monument to a soon to retire leader or a movement delivering prosperity, public services and security for hardworking families.

Iraq is - as the memo correctly notes - an "elephant in the room", a grotesque mistake that overshadows the Government's real achievements.

Mr Blair can point to much delivered for the voters who put him into No10 three times.

Incomes are up and inflation down. The national minimum wage, tax credits and lifting one million children and pensioners out of poverty are concrete gains.

Free TV licences for the oldest and £200 winter fuel payments for all pensioner homes did not come from the Tories. Then there are higher health and education spending, free nursery places and crime overall down.

Labour has much to thank the PM for and the PM much to thank Labour for.

A fresh-faced Mr Blair vowed on becoming Labour leader more than a decade ago never to repeat Maggie Thatcher's error and overstay his welcome.

We now know the plan, Prime Minister. Just give us the date.


WHEN Tony Blair exits No10, Hill won't be far behind.

The PM has long relied on Hill's wise counsel and firefighting skills. And the political veteran is closely involved with the planning of his boss's long goodbye.

Hill helped steer Blair to power in 1997. After a spell out in the PR world, he returned to the No10 powerhouse after Alastair Campbell's torrid exit over the Iraq dossier affair. He is married to Cherie Blair's spin doctor Hilary Coffman.


FRESH-faced Benjy was aide to Peter Mandelson when Labour came to power. The geeky Director of the No10 Strategic Communications Unit is a trusted member of the New Labour tribe. Last spring the PM called him "my gorgeous assistant".

Like the rest of the inner circle Wegg- Prosser will leave No10 when Blair goes. Until then he will be working closely on the exit plan and drawing up the PR strategy to make sure all the right messages come across.

THIS supreme loyalist has been nurturing the Blair brand since the early 90s and has been at the PM's side for all three election victories.

As Blair's private pollster and devil's advocate he picks groups of floating voters to pick up on the public mood. His legendary confidential reports are notoriously morbid about Labour's fortunes.

Gould is one of the few ultra-loyalists urging the PM to broker peace talks with Gordon Brown.


THE PM's Political Secretary has been in the job for less than 18 months but is an influential figure.

He is a key thinker creating the radical policy ideas Blair craves.

Towering Taylor is a workaholic and cycling fanatic who burns the midnight oil in the No10 bunker.

Insiders say he is "ballsy" and one of the few advisers who has irreverent conversations with the PM as Blair "worships him".

LOW-profile Director of Government Relations was parachuted into No10 after the 2005 election.

She gained her New Labour credentials setting up the Big Issue in the North of England where she quickly came to the attention of Blair's close allies Alan Milburn and Stephen Byers.

Her job means she is a link between Blair and Labour MPs, party workers and the unions.

BLAIR'S longest-serving member of staff has been working as an adviser and researcher since the 90s.

Her office is just a stone's throw from his and she is one of the few who regularly pops in and out of the Blair flat above 11 Downing Street.

Liz was a contemporary of other Blairites at school in the Surrey stockbroker belt. The PM promoted her to Deputy Chief of Staff after his last election victory.

FORMER Labour Party librarian has become part of the inner core.

Dubbed "McFixer", he took over the key job of Director of Political Operations after the last election.

His role means he will be heavily involved in plotting the final phase of the Blair premiership. He will help draw up the plans to brush up the PM's image with a series of speeches, lectures and dramatic public appearances.

BLAIR'S chief of staff is one of the few senior figures who can walk unannounced into the PM's office.

The urbane former diplomat fits the bill of close confidant and is heavily involved in choreographing the Prime Minister's long goodbye.

He was once quoted describing Gordon Brown as a "Shakespearean tragedy" who would never be PM. Insiders claim he dislikes the Chancellor as much as Cherie Blair does.