Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Aspartame - A British View

Food Standards Agency (

"...the safety assessment for aspartame has led to the setting of an Acceptable Daily Intake, or ADI. This is an estimate of the amount of an additive that could be routinely consumed every day over a lifetime with no appreciable health risk. In the case of aspartame, the ADI is set at 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. This is equivalent to 2800 milligrams for an average British adult. For an average 3-year-old child the amount is of the order of 600 milligrams."

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"It is not necessary, however, for each person to calculate their intake of additives in order to make sure that they keep within the ADI. Indeed, it would be extremely complicated and time-consuming to do so. Instead, legislation on food additives specifies the categories of foods in which aspartame can be used and the levels that can be added."

And then some more...

"It is the responsibility of government to monitor the exposure to all food additives and to check that consumers do not regularly exceed the ADI. Previous work by the former Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Department of Health showed that aspartame intakes were considerably below the recommended maximum level, even among children and diabetics who consume large quantities of sugar-free drinks."

Well, don’t you just feel safe with that? Rather like the overdose of paracetamol. It’s in so many things it would be totally unrealistic to self-monitor consumption. That’s the problem. They talk of the average 3-year-old (baby food means even younger). That implies a lifelong use of this poison called aspartame. Books have been written describing the effects of this "Sweet Poison" (

The responsibility of government - does anyone have experience of this quaint idea? Imagine: a responsible Government! Responsibility starts with self. That way you won't get "government" controlling you completely. It's so easy to be totally reliant on "government". Such terms allude to faceless people most of whom are not elected and are totally unknown civil servants. Even the elected masters can't be trusted. What a society. Believing in the all powerful "government".
To rely on "government" describes surrender. To be owned.

Oh, by the way - muck is good for you. Swimming in shit is healthy too. Didn’t you know that? If you work it out an average adult of 70kg (really? Not if you eat the convenience meal crap you can buy masquerading as food from supermarkets, you certainly won’t be average!) will consume around 60kg of aspartame in a 50 year lifetime. At this rate of just 3g daily! So much of this food additive. Many will unwittingly consume a lot more. It's in over 5000 products. Including toothpaste!

It’s all about control and power, of course. Who cares about the health of people when big money is screaming for attention? Food, alcohol, cars. That’s where the ownership of responsibility hangs out. It’s all about money. Money. Money. Money is power. Power comes from money. Total irresponsibility caused by corrupt ideas. Ineptness. What is it about this filthy lucre? People will kill for it. They will destroy their own family for it. To never have enough of it. How much is enough? There is no limit. Possession. Ownership. Of everything.

This is what makes some people get out of bed in the morning. It's not simply who can I screw now, but how many - millions! And for how much. It's prostitution on a grand scale.