Friday, September 08, 2006

Hygiene isn't a catch phrase

Classic misdirection principle: people are getting ill these days because the hygiene aware society does not get exposed to bugs and germs for the body to develop an immunity against disease.

What a load of crap.

That's like getting an immunity against shit by being exposed to it? I think not. Have you seen peoples' attitude to cleanliness and personal hygiene? Some very sensible. Many appalling. A total unawareness in some cases.

The diversion? Away from the many chemicals in food. Those that make it possible to have hot ready meals virtually in an instant. And that after long-term cold storage. Those chemicals that make fat palatable (never forget the reason for including salt). And those that make you want more. To consume more than the body needs. More profit by more sales.

Do you still think anyone gives a shit about your health? If you are alive someone can make money from you. When you're dead...?

Taste enhancers like monosodiumglutamate (MSG).

Have you ever wondered why sodium content only refers to just 'sodium'? It represents all the sources of sodium without the need to declare what they actually are. The sodium level in the diet is not only and always from 'table' salt or 'sea' salt (the same thing). But the total sodium content includes chemicals like MSG.

This also takes attention away from the very chemicals used to 'clean'. In many cases, rather dangerous chemicals. Read the labels on some of those products you have in your kitchen. Bathroom. Toilet.

But the message being communicated? It's the peoples' fault themselves for being too careful about cleanliness. It's just ironic that attempting to chase after cleanliness actually exposes you a raft of toxic chemicals. Who uses the appropriate gloves, dust masks (though most are solutions in water and so rendered even more dangerous by way of skin absorbtion) or other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Some just report. Some circulate the misinformation. It's not necessarily a conspiracy, just a non-questioning attitude. Acceptance. Subjugation.


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