Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ultimate Breakdown of Global Society

Why does an individual drink excessively - 'become' an alcoholic? The term 'alcoholic' has a social stigma which incorrectly associates a diseased state with this condition. It's an illness that can be cured, but it needs tremendous understanding as it is essentially psychological. The physiological addiction can disappear in weeks. The psychological dependence can remain permanently unless support is given, not blame. No one chooses to be an alcoholic. By the time this has happened - the dependence on alcohol for survival - the individual has travelled a long way down the road to self destruction.

Sadly, there are a great many people who do not know or acknowledge that their dependence on drink, and this is always denied, is total. The vast majority of these would never imagine themselves to be an alcoholic as they only 'like a drink'. Every day. Why do those who have only a glass or two of something every day (and don't get drunk) have these daily drinks? There has to be an effect or a glass of water would be sufficient. The dependency may already be there as it has become a part of life. The need to unwind. How does alcohol help? If the stress is created through life, the cause of the stress needs to be dealt with. Alcohol can't do this. It can't remove stress.

So, what is the difference between a social drinker and one who drinks to excess? Alcohol isn't a requirement for survival and nobody needs it. Think about the drinks industry and the huge revenue raised for governments through alcohol. Alcohol is one of the simplest compounds to synthesise. Ethyl alcohol. The use of this liquid will not be discouraged and drinking has been made a socially acceptable activity. The difficulty that a government has (the British Government in particular) is the huge revenue raised from its use and the problems caused by it abuse. The problems of abuse which cost £billions still pale into insignificance by comparison with the taxation raised. It is cost effective to ignore the abuse problems.

This is as cynical as the tax raised from tobacco. Smoking kills, but it is not actively discouraged because of the amount of money it brings. A cash cow for government by burning a weed. Any responsible government would abolish smoking and make it illegal since the destruction to health it causes is absolute. The 'spin' is that it is the individual's choice. Crap. Tell the alcoholic he has a choice: you don't have to drink!! Wrong. An alcoholic does have to drink. The body does not require the substance (ethyl alcohol) though the mind needs it. This is the problem to manage. The psychological problem.

The ultimate breakdown in society will be as a result of raising money. Revenue. The whole fabric of society is built on self destruction. Ask yourself: who controls the tobacco industry? The drinks industry? And who sponsors government? Who is in control?

Another clear example of mind control. Imagine the scenario: no petrol and so nothing works or is made as the oil has run out. No alcohol production to satisfy the dependence created. The supply of tobacco will cease as it can't be moved around. The complete wrecking of society. And it's totally predictable.

Wake up!!


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