Sunday, January 15, 2006

Police not quick enough

Man with knife in five robberies

Five armed robberies on Friday evening are believed to have been carried out by the same man. A man with a kitchen knife robbed a shop and a filling station in Ballyclare, two service stations in Newtownabbey and one in Glengormley.

The first of the robberies happened at about 1820 GMT in Ballyclare, the fifth at about 1930 GMT in Glengormley. Cash was stolen in each case and the robber left on foot, although police believe he also used a vehicle. The robber in each case was described as being about 6ft tall, wearing jeans, a dark jacket and a dark scarf.

A female shop manager, who was with her 16-year-old son, was threatened with the knife in the first robbery, at Rashee Road in Ballyclare. The robber stole cash from the till and cigarettes. Twenty minutes later a member of staff at a filling station on Mossley Road in the town was threatened during the second raid. Two filling stations in Newtownabbey, the first on the Manse Road, the second on O'Neill Road, were robbed at 1900 GMT and 1915 GMT. The final robbery happened on the Antrim Road in Glengormley at about 1930 GMT.

Police have appealed for information about each of the robberies.

So, be quick between jobs and there is little chance of being apprehended. Maybe later? Just fortunate nobody was stabbed.


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