Friday, January 13, 2006

UK Government: normality prevails

The Ruth Kelly mess: approving the employment of someone on the sex offenders List 99 - allegedly. Why on the list if no case to answer? Not a ‘real’ teacher apparently. Does PE. That should really piss off those who are trying to get the kids into shape. Up hill struggle against the fast-food and sugary crap sold to the obese. Big money earner, though. Cheap too. Fat and sugar are cheap. Quality food is not. Forget the GM stuff (do yourself a favour and FORGET IT!) - you might live longer if you eat sensibly. And slowly. So, young girls in leotards or gymslips and boys wearing shorts. Near changing rooms, showers. What sort of idiot can’t see the dangers? Ms Kelly it seems. Sadly, it seem characteristically to be in this inept style. ‘In charge’ of a department - it’s difficult to make a case for this! Is it simply: it’s not about ability, but reliability to do the bidding of others? And who might these ‘others’ be? I understand that Ms Kelly is married, so why the Ms? Has four kids of her own. And under 40 years of age. Dubbed superwoman. Mmm? Is this simply the preference to adopt the unmarried styling or is it to create some sort of illusion? But it is fashionable to be unmarried today. To identify with certain groups. Apparently her husband changed/left his job to support her meteoric rise - what did he do before and what does he do now? So, reject the true name and salutation for unknown reasons and in the process confuse with a smokescreen. This trail of confusion seems very odd, though not actually confusing.

Today the blame has been ‘moved' to Kim Howell - he was higher education minister, but not at the present time and is now at the foreign office. His boss - Jack Straw - is taking the politically supportive position of defending the indefensible - and doing nothing about fixing a dangerous situation. This is standard practice. Once it seems, Howell was in a ministerial position, but is now reporting to a minister. Sounds like demotion, doesn't it? Possibly just my interpretation.
It is not known how many sex offenders have had jobs approved in this way. The stink gets worse by the day. So, what’s it got to do with Howell? Nothing. Certainly now. Maybe he’s there to take the heat off Ms Kelly. What’s it got to do with Straw? Nothing. These pathetic efforts to dilute the blame. Move it around. Shit will stick to someone eventually, just like on carpets or under them. Shit is left on carpets, but has to be placed under the carpet. Under the carpet with it. Shit under/on the carpet still smells of shit. And it won’t go away until it’s cleared up. But this is Government in all it’s honesty. Spin it all around and see it disappear. Watch out as the spinning could make you giddy.

Fuck the people - they don’t count. All-important government is filled with all-important self-important people!!! Yuck. What a stench.

Note Dr Steve Ladyman who joined government as the junior minister for health. The ‘Dr’ is not a medical qualification though the illusion is that he is qualified to be in the governance of medical affairs. This does seem typical of this government: get in by spinning things around - always good to ‘spin’ - then change direction once the correct advance has been made. A back door entry. Then change direction once in the house. He’s moved on from the health department - n’est-ce pas? And nobody will notice, will they. The people/voters are all too stupid. Very cynical, but I’m not surprised. Governments need voters to get power. The people give them power and then we, the people, get fucked. That’s the way it is.

The bigger the mess, the higher they go. That idea’s been around for ever. I‘ve just thought of a new use for the word ‘fuck’. To be fucked up = receive a meteoric rise. To be fucked up there = to be ‘helped’ on your way (if you behave and do as you’re told). I won’t get anywhere, will I? Oh, never mind. It still smells quite sweet down here where I am. Yes, it smells nice down here, but apparently stinks up there. The higher you go, it seems, the worse the smell. That makes perfect sense - shit rises.

How about the Mandelsons and their type. He lost his job; couldn’t keep it under the circumstances at the time. But where is he now? A commissioner in Brussels. Where’s Kinnock and wife? Let’s watch and see where Blunket ends up. Party difference makes no difference: whatever happened to Cecil Parkinson? Archer is OK - a thoroughly decent chap, by all accounts! Governments are into people laundering. It’s what they do. The image is cleaned up to allow the illusion to work. Image. Illusion. Appearance. When everything has risen - then clean it up. See turn things around. Spin it. But you have the same people, they think the same way. They just appear different. OPEN YOUR EYES.

By the way, have you never noticed how the description of cynical is nearly always applied to older people. They are nearly always the ones who ‘see’ things the way they really are and not how we are supposed to ‘see’ things. The threat to ‘spin’. Younger people are more impressionable and can be manipulated more easily. Throw away the rose-tinted glasses. It distorts reality. The Matrix has a good storyline based on this very idea. The older voter is a waste of time unless they think properly. Like a good lemming. Do as your told. We fuck you and you don’t mind. Well even if you did, so what? Send you to prison or something. Mug old ladies, kill people: that’s OK you can go about your business - on bail. Interfere with government plans and you’re finished. We’ll get you.

Are your glasses clearing a little yet? Try taking them off. It’s possible you don’t actually need them. You don’t need them if you don’t watch TV or read newspapers. Truth? Who owns them. Controls them. They print information - a mixture of current affairs and such, but the comment is simply an attempt to persuade. Who actually trusts this government? I certainly don’t and actually never did! And not likely to change my opinion. Everything Blair does is designed to mess up - of that I’m sure. Create the problem and then provide the solution. It’s what Bush does. Kennedy was murdered. Sorry, assassinated. What’s the difference? Same effect. Just a word. It suggests that he was not one for being pushed around. Bush has his master(s), I’m sure. What might be the final solution? Sounds very, very sinister, prime minister (lower case, of course). I really don’t like Tony Blair and his methods - that must be clear by now. And as for his wife. The non-elected spouse should do what’s she’s paid (very well) to do - legally. Stay out of politics. Nothing to say, so why do people pay to go to the presentations? To be seen, of course. Simple as that. Probably don’t even listen. It’s about being there. Now that is cynical. Maybe true - you decide.

What wonderful irony: mixing the ideas of ‘seeing’ and ‘listening’. What do you hear? Maybe if you listen well you will hear what you are told. What you are meant to hear. Separate the truth from the lies (economical with the truth - yuck). Selectivity. The part you are meant to hear. What is not said is more interesting, but it cannot be quoted, can it! Skip over the bad part. Dodge the issue. Avoid answering the questions asked and answer the question you wish you’d been asked? It’s part of the training.

Get it yet? Vision clearing?

Open government it surely is: it’s all so very obvious. Painfully obvious. It really hurts. But who’s really watching. To be fair Blair’s just another manipulative politician. I don’t like any of them - of all parties. Interestingly, Charles Kennedy is, by all accounts, a decent chap. There are always ambitious people everywhere. Not any good. Not effective. Ready to take advantage of others’ efforts. Decent people don’t get far, ultimately. It was obviously a camaign to get him out of the way once ground had been made. The able die young and the second (or lower) in command takes over. Carries the flag into battle. And that’s all. Just carries the flag. Look carefully. Just a flag bearer. Nothing more. Well, they’ll regret it as people aren’t really so stupid as they imagine. But you see how it works: the captains of industry will toe the line eventually. The rewards are lavished upon the required ones. The ones that can be useful. The carrots are set swinging. The awards. The gongs. The ‘do as your told’ sweeteners. Before that, company bosses just have to do as they are told. They have no choice or they will be forced under. Wrecked or ‘have an accident’ maybe?

The arrogance of politicians is quite staggering, though not a mystery or difficult to understand. They believe themselves to be in an unassailable place. Power by the bucketful (or is that fuckitball). Influence of the ‘much admired’ (what!) politicians over the public slugs. They really believe ‘respect’ is not earned, but should be given to the pompous egos. Just given without asking questions. Don’t you see it: ‘Who do you think you are, questioning my judgement? My judgement is sound - you’re wrong, because I said so'. Like Ms Kelly. Judges and all those in high station and influence. We must ‘respect’ them. Even when they fuck everybody they still expect subservience. What are these people? They would like to be left alone to get on with their plans without interference. Do you know any politician who has entered politics without the blinding light of (personal) reward? Ambition is one thing, but winner takes all? Everything. Without asking. Just takes.

Take care that newspapers don’t slip in the odd sweet pill. They are all controlled really. I have a personal example of this and it’s to do with big power and the very nasty life assurance/critical insurance business. Totally corrupt. Take your money, but don’t give anything back. That’s the ethic. And it’s legal. Screw the people. It’s about big money. Riches and reward. The positon of power affects the ego. Makes it bigger. Much bigger than it already is. Self-importance. Empty shells really.

That’s politics. Rotten. Bad smell. Really a pungent, disgusting odour. George Orwell had it right, just missed the date by a little (1984 was written in 1948).

Wake up. WAKE UP!

We’re all being fucked - BIG time.



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