Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cannibalism, voyeurism and gratification

German cannibal back for retrial. Frozen body parts kept for the feast. A self-confessed cannibal has returned to court in Germany, two years after a manslaughter conviction for killing and eating an apparently willing victim. Last year, an appeal court ordered a retrial after state prosecutors argued a case for murder.

The case shocked and fascinated Germans when it emerged that he had found a victim on a cannibal fetish website who volunteered for his fate: so he says I imagine. Can’t be corroborated as the victim’s been eaten - allegedly. Meiwes is trying to stop a film based on his story being shown in Germany. State prosecutor Marcus Koehler told the three-judge panel on Thursday: "The defendant stands accused of murder for sexual gratification."

Two years ago, Meiwes was found guilty of manslaughter after a court heard how his victim had volunteered to be killed and eaten in March 2001. How do you demonstrate the veracity of this statement? It heard a grisly confession of how he froze the body's meat and ate parts of it over several months. Very trustworthy confession I’m sure.

Last year, a higher court accepted the prosecution argument that he was really guilty of murder because he killed (allegedly) for his own sexual gratification.

The BBC's Ray Furlong, in Berlin, says Meiwes' lawyers have said little before his retrial. But they have confirmed they are taking legal action to prevent a Hollywood film resembling his story from entering German cinemas. Meanwhile, he is working with a German director on an authorised version of his story.

What I find really disturbing - even if cannibalism isn‘t disturbing enough - is that anyone would be interested in such a sick concept. After all it needs people to watch this crap to make it worth while making it all into a story. It should all be buried. What a load of bollocks. Reminds me of the old joke about a cannibal enjoying a meal:

"I’m having a ball," he said. "You’re eating too fast," said his friend.

Don’t be surprised if it happens again - if it already hasn’t already happened before. Some cultures believe this is a good idea. This cannibalism. But it’s the voyeurism that’s sick. Who gets sexual gratification from this? If it’s you, you must ask yourself who has the problem. This alleged fascination - is this the film makers talking trying to convince potential viewers that everyone is interested: you are not alone - is in itself fascinating. The depths of the imagination keep diving deeper.

The sophisticated, sentient, high order human race. It’s difficult to reconcile. No. It can’t be reconciled: some people are just sick and perverted. The hypocrisy is staggering too. Like a public execution, I imagine. The fascination is there as long as it’s someone else doing the dying!


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