Sunday, October 29, 2006

Politicians and the end of the Human Race

One way of looking at the continuing 'relaxation' of immigration restrictions is that cheaper labour will be on offer. The numbers taking less well paid jobs will increase. The same situation that happened decades ago and resulted in many dark-skinned persons taking jobs that were considered beneath white-skinned English natives.

That is not meant as a racist comment, but just as I see what happened.

The housing market has been allowed to rocket in price (not value). Look at some of the crap buildings being constructed: maximum cost and minimum quality so everybody makes a shedload of money except the purchaser. Then tax at 40% any inheritance from the sale. The tories will not remove this tax. Nobody will. It's too profitable.

Currently at over £2,000,000,000 (£1 billion is £1000 million - it always looks less when the zeros are removed). Incidentally, look at debt in the UK which runs into £trillions. A £trillion = £1000,000,000,000 = £1000 billion = £1 million million. Sounds much more realistic and scarier.

The UK is technically bankrupt, of course. Don't you just admire G. Brown's ableness. The 'best Chancellor we've ever had' so the spin goes. The stuff we are all supposed to accept!

Listen to what Shadow Chancellor (George Osbourne) says:

"I'd like lower taxes"

Always listen to what is actually said and read what is written. There's psychology at work. Working on your intelligence. Be aware of that.

This is politics. It's child's play really.

Osbourne is NOT saying lower taxes will ever happen. It's a simple implication without foundation. He simply says he'd "like" them lower. But not particularly tricky or underhand. Just typical politico-speak.

Bring in cheap labour and price the housing market out of reach. The way this has already backfired is that the future homegrown generations of this country have also been so disadvantaged that they will seek work in another country.

But, trap the students here by making them debtors. Can't leave the UK to work until the debt in this country is paid off. This will also keep salaries down and let the debt continue. Cheap educated people on hand along with cheap and, possibly, non-educated migrants.

The short-term thinking of (any) government. Government of the day by the day. Tomorrow it's another government. Somebody else's mess to sort out? But really it's longer term thinking.

Creation of a better and cheaper work-force so more profits to the employers. And with mergers and takeovers happening everywhere moving towards a single employer.

Absolute control.

New Labour, Old Labour, Tories, Liberals... different label stuck on the same innards. They are all the same breed. Power mad politicians. Control freaks all of them.

Yes, that's control of the rest of us 'non-politicians'.

Sadly, those with the vision to see the future (Environmentalists, Greenpeace) who look to the survival of the Human Race are ignored. Like the wrongly-labelled 'conspiracy theorists'. It's a wakeup call to the incumbants of planet Earth. The Earth will recover over a few million years.

Without us.

Us. The really useful people.

That by definition excludes all politicians.


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