Thursday, August 17, 2006

'Greed' will be the death of us all

Government 'greed' thinking: who will profit from a nuclear base? Certainly the construction industry will. And who owns that? Big business. Big money.

The 'mug' consumer who was never been consulted, and never will be concerning this dreadful move, will pay a tax for an attempted clean up (the last lot hasn't been cleared up yet). This can never be done.

Think nuclear power. Classic misdirection. While the magician performs his trick you are looking elsewhere. But, magicians are clever people. Government 'controllers' are a bit more transparent whatever they like to think of themselves.

Takes the pressure off restrictions using fossil fuels. The inevitable argument is that zero emission of CO2 means more fossil fuels (oil) can be used as the quota is under utilised. The quotas won’t change. This promotes greater revenue from oil taxation and it will run out even faster.

The illusion is of somethimng positive being done for the environment, but actually it's all making it worse and also making a shedload of money for... someone.


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