Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nuclear power

The push for nuclear power has gone ahead to "unveiling plans" this week (09.07.06). This means a fait accompli. What someone wants (Blair and 'friends') they will get and let's fuck 'em all chaps.

The provision of nuclear power simply defers the decision of what to do in 20 years from now. By then the oil supply will be an even bigger problem, if there is any. But, make a huge profit now and, anyway, who cares about the future?

Maybe there is more oil than we are told. Governments don't lie, do they? No, surely not. Why would they lie to me..?

If there was a glut enough for 1000 years, then it might get difficult to justify high prices.

However, start a war and create instability. That usually works. True figures can be massaged to tell a depressing story to 'soften up' the consumer.

Who do you trust?


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