Thursday, August 17, 2006

Selling England by the Pound

Britain's energy industry is increasingly at the mercy of foreign gas suppliers. Perhaps this has something to do with selling off British assets to foreign owned companies.

Remember Genesis: Selling England by the Pound?

Energy prices are no longer controllable (?), but Council Tax hikes are within government control.

Don't control anything that's advantageous to government. Leave well alone (under tight control) anything that will be disadvantageous to government. Anything that might benefit the tax payers of UK Ltd.

When will this country be referred to as UQ? When did the King die and the Queen take 'control'? 1953?

Reduce these taxes or confirm that the long-term aim is to bankrupt the British or at least the English people. Remember that Blair has Scottish ancestry.

Ever noticed that Blair's background only goes as far back as his privileged university days and not before?

Odd that, isn't it?


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