Monday, April 18, 2005

King Midas

Wealthy people seem to pose with their big, powerful status symbols - back to cars again - giving little thought, or no thought at all, to the consumption of resources. Always selfishly only thinking of themselves. Not a moment’s thought to what they are doing. As though increased wealth generates the fuel to run the machines. It will all run out one day. Eventually. The expensive car (cheap for the rich, company importance and status etc - you don’t see a saleman driving a Lexus) that doesn’t go anywhere since there will be no fuel, so it will be absolutely worthless. What is the substitute? And who cares about the future generation: their own children? They certainly don’t. Very short term thinking. There’s none so blind as those that will not see.

I believe that the environmentalist is a caring long term visionary.

I find it an amusing vision, but nothing to laugh about. There will be no fuel or oil and that will be the end for us all. The world is geared to run on oil. Nothing can be made. Nothing can be moved. Nothing will work that requires lubrication. Everything will just... stop. When will that be? Greedy people will leave material wealth for their descendants (very commendable), but nobody has ever been able to survive by eating money. Reminds me of King Midas.

The wheel inexorably goes around to close the circle and take us back to those early days of the hunter and the hunted. Which are you?


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