Sunday, October 29, 2006

The legacy illusion

See how the illusion works?

The legacy: leave raised taxes, community 'charge' etc and all the unpopular changes behind and firmly in place for the next government. This one will make noises about change (which will never happen) and NOT be blamed for what has been introduced. The collusion that exists between governments is then never realised.

The creation of different political ideas is a screen that hides the true picture. Control. And all goverments work together at this without break. The illusion is that when a goverment ends, changes happen.

They appear to, but it's simply a continuation with more of the same. Occasionally, some insignificant issue can be removed. Unimportant, but does demonstrates undoing something. Real action of a most insignificant kind. Part of the cover. Appear to do something, but actually very, very little.

And it can happen quite fast.

But of no import.


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