Saturday, October 28, 2006


Can extreme poverty be eliminated? Almost certainly, but it will never be allowed to happen. If nobody is poor or starving or in some way dispossesed then control is lost by those who would use it. To make money.

But control of the masses creates a source to 'milk' until it dies. Such sources are always replaced. Promote a growing population. Promote growth of the source. Malnutrition causes disease. Pharmaceuticals, medicines, health industry. Also keeps up prices for those who can afford it. Governments (ie tax payers) sustain the 'needy'.

The 'cynical' spongers behave in no lesser way to the governments that create such misery.

Before the concept of money, what caused wars? Something was wanted and so was taken. No difference today except more effective in the taking with fewer 'soldiers'. But still have the same single 'commander' principle. At least that is the illusion.


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