Thursday, August 17, 2006

Problems at Heathrow

Last week's foiled airline bomb plot. That alleged 'terror threat' has been just that. Who says? The government? Police? Home Office? Certainly, caution is advised, but note that upon instruction from the CEO at Heathrow, and one assumes that this is his sole idea with no instruction from above, the only people to be affected are the public. Another example of creating fear with only alleged justification.

Of course, it's peak season too. 'Inconvenience' to the greatest number. But that's just coincidence, of course. Terrorists like to cause inconvenience. But no: terrorists can cause more carnage the busier the venue. Making an escape is more difficult though. Suicide bombers don't want to make an escape, they're on their journey to paradise. The aim of a terrorist, it seems, is not to cause terror, just inconvenience. The suggestion of terror is more important. These stupid suicide bombers are very easily manipulated by their 'masters'. But, they seem to be getting smarter. Or there has been a change of 'master', perhaps. Or these 'masters' are taking charge. Smokescreens are everywhere. Keep watching the skies. It's where you are. It's so close, it's claustrophobic.

A suicide bombers' cell doesn't know who exists in other cells. How do the alleged bombers know who their masters are? Where their orders come from? They can't. It could be from MI7 or something and they'd have no idea.

Nor would you or I. Just a thought.

The ensuing chaos and backlash from operator's against this BAA (British Airport Authority) 'instruction' was predictable enough to argue that this is precisely the effect desired. Pissed off passengers - who cares? Pissed off airline carriers - who cares? Where else can they operate from? Fear factor rockets. Perfect. The real terrorists? Look deeper.

BAA's CEO, Tony Douglas, was a 'star' executive of the Kenwood food mixer company and describes himself, apparently, as an "aeroplane anorak". Promoted from managing director to CEO of Heathrow on July 13, 2006 - about four weeks ago (15.08.06). Over the 8 years since being appointed to BAA in 1998, he is delivering the fifth terminal (£4.2 billion) on time and to budget. Good mates with Gordon Brown too, apparently.

Another 'employee' is Stephen Nelson. Recent history is a sales and marketing man from Sainsbury's.

When in charge of 'captured' employees who have to do as they are told or lose their job, it is easier to get your way. This doesn't work when you are faced with a public who fail to respond to orders in a 'happy and contented way’. Doffing their hat: "Yes, sir. No sir. Three fucking bags full, çur." They are not employees. People like Douglas can't tell the difference. It's bullying. It fails.

So, it shows that earlier experience has little to do with later life at Heathrow. Tells a story though. Bring in a 'fixer' to get Heathrow expansion effected, then piss off everybody by throwing your weight around (as top dog, of course) and use the experience of sales and marketing people to sell your new business to a captured audience. They know that airlines and passengers have no choice but to use Heathrow. I am sure that if choice was available, everybody would go elsewhere.

People like Douglas and Nelson will imagine that 'clients' come to Heathrow because they want to. It's because they have to. It's like paying taxes or having Gordon Brown as prime minister 'elect'. There is no choice. Those 'in power', whoever they really are, will always get their way as nobody knows who they are. It's easy to ridicule by saying that they don't exist and it's all conspiracy theory, but remember shadows are created by something. The anti-conspiracy theory advocates have a great time when everybody listens to them and ignores any warning that is ‘made’ unacceptable. It's how misdirection and illusion works. Head buried in the sand. What isn't heard, doesn't happen. Everyone's honest and wants the best for everyone. Remember George Orwell? Was he a conspiracy theorist?

And why do people respond, lapping up like good dogs all the crap dished out. Believing everything on TV or reported in newspapers. Bad news excites people. Bad news sells. Bad news persuades people. It makes it all the easier to control the masses. These communication industries are controlled by their 'masters'. Editors are never truly free to edit.

What happened to ID cards? It will all return. Of that, have no fear! ID cards will make everything fine. Everybody will be safe - at cost. And who benefits? Always ask yourself that question. "Who benefits?" Not who allegedly will be safer. Who makes the money and benefits. You don't imagine it will be you or I, do you? Wait and see, but be mindful of the tide coming in. It turned some years ago. If you wait too long: (a) you could (being generous) or (b) will (being more realistic) drown.


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