Thursday, August 17, 2006

'Critical' and 'severe' threats

The terrorist threat in middle England has been downgraded from 'critical' to 'severe'. What does that demonstrate? Nothing at all really. But it sounds like something has been done. Not enough to be sure though. Reasonable? It could imply cautious optimism. The cell 'mastermind' and his 'soldiers' are allegedly in custody. Very quick to make these alleged arrests. The term 'severe' doesn't actually come close to explaining that definition. I am just being generous. It is a Monday (14.08.06).

The security services at the Home Office do tell the public an awful lot of, I would say, confidential and highly classified information. That in itself is very revealing, I would say.

See the 'official' government website:

This carries the details of the five levels of threat: low, moderate, substantial, severe and critical.

Critical level: an attack is "expected imminently".
Severe level: an attack is "highly likely".

This threat level is, however, described as "not an exact science". So use with caution and believe what you will. This is the Home Office.

The US has published this threat level information (Department of Homeland Security) since 2002.

It seems that now is a good time to raise the levels of fear.


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