Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bin Laden alive? Did he ever exist?

“Osama Bin Laden and his deputy are thought to be living in the area of a missile strike apparently aimed at Ayman al-Zawahiri“ - US says. US counter-terrorism ambassador Henry Crumpton said the al-Qaeda leader and his number two were believed to be in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region. Al-Qaeda retained the aim of attacking the US, UK and Europe, he said.

Pretty good bet that someone will. The question remains: WHO?

The US has not commented on the attack on a Pakistan village on Friday that killed 18 civilians. US media said the attack was carried out by the CIA.

That makes it acceptable, then? It seems like the CIA did it and that they are a subset of the US and whatever they do the US cannot be held accountable for. Have your cake and eat it, as the old saying goes.

Thousands of Pakistanis later staged anti-American demonstrations.

Mr Crumpton told the BBC: "I am very confident we will at some point get al-Qaeda's leadership, and we believe they are in that area.

US defends al-Qaeda tactics [sic]: "We have no intelligence or evidence that indicates that he [Bin Laden] is dead or incapacitated, so our working assumption is that he is still alive."

That’s their basis for killing people. Assumption. Like WMD. No evidence, but they think they probably, may, have them. So, bomb the bastards - just in case.

These are the actions of a terrorist - USA: Masters of Terror?

The ambassador added: "I should also note, no sign of life from Bin Laden, I think that reflects our collective success.

Typical perverse reverse logic: they didn’t know even if he was alive (assuming he ever existed), but he can be safely assumed to be dead. But they (the US) will keep on bombing the crap out of anyone they like, and for however long they like, just to keep the pressure up. When everyone’s dead, do you imagine they will stop? The fear level. Innocent or guilty. They don’t care. They seem to enjoy killing - murdering - people too much. Nice people, the senior American politicians. The ones (probably only a few) ordering mass murder. The American people will pay the price. They are paying the price. We all are.

Ask yourself who benefits. I don’t know who they are, do you? But I doubt they are the ones you might imagine. Who is the enemy?

This makes the myth come alive: by killing the myth! Or, at least, suggesting it. Putting the idea into your head. Makes it into a legend. Like a werewolf. A Yeti. Frankenstein. Robin Hood. Keep on reminding us of a name. How do you know he existed - well, the US says so: "I think and certainly hope that they are more concerned about staying alive than plotting the next 9/11."

One minute they’re dead (maybe/maybe not), next minute they maybe alive and plotting. Someone’s confused. Or the mind game is underway. Tell a lie often enough and people start to believe it’s the truth. An old psychology trick, but it still works.

This has always puzzled me (!): why a single plane filled with Bin Ladens was allowed to be flown from NY to Saudi a day or so after the 9/11 attack. All aircraft (excluding military, of course) were grounded. The US air force had - almost - exclusive use of the airspace. Just the one other going to Saudi with the Bin Ladens. Actually, sent out - given safe passage - after the Twin Towers were destroyed. Who or what could attack this plane? Ground-based rocket fire?

Why? Why? Why?

But there was a warning by Crumpton: "Al-Qaeda and affiliated groups have a strategic aim of attacking the US homeland - that is their intent, we believe they are working toward that. Maybe. "I think also they intend to attack the UK again, and Europe."

“...they have a strategic aim...” (assertive)
“...we believe...” (not quite so sure)
“...think also they intend...” (conjecture, speculation)

Keep the Americans living in constant fear. Create the problem and provide the solution.

"Our efforts in counter-terrorism are complex, often secret, therefore that engenders some misunderstanding, some misperceptions, exaggerations."

Complex. Secret. Misunderstanding. Misperceptions. Exaggerations. Just about as comprehensive a cop-out list as is necessary. And all in one sentence!

So, it’s us! We don’t understand! Check out the spin. Doesn’t it make you feel ill?

Imagine a very non-public enquiry. A private enquiry behind closed-doors. A verdict is communicated. Do you believe it? Why should you? You have absolutely no way of knowing whether it’s true or false? Distorted? Twisted? It relies on trust. On nothing more than belief. Have you met God? People believe because they want to.

Mr Crumpton also said the US did not "support, condone or engage in torture" of prisoners. But he added: "In terms of detainees and prisoners, information they provide is extraordinarily valuable - it has saved lives, it has stopped attacks in Europe and elsewhere."

We (the US?) ask them nicely. And very decently they tell us. Truthfully. They wouldn’t lie would they? If an attack doesn’t happen, how could you ever know if it was a real threat or mythical? Fictional. Just because someone says so. Amazing.

Didn’t you know that the word “gullible“ is no longer an entry in the dictionary?

By the way: think Apollo/Moon. How do you imagine wars and global instability are funded? And who do you think is doing it? If a claim is ever made about a manned Mars mission, how could you know if it’s all a con? Or not? You couldn’t. And it will cost the American taxpayer a trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) or more dollars.


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