Thursday, August 17, 2006

Insurance exploitation

Advertisement placed by UK company Ltd.

Points on your licence?

With 6000 speed cameras (that all? Obviously not enough) 'spying' on British drivers (sort of paranoia there), and the government ready to unleash (!) new technology on the unsuspecting (!) motorist, ...

Over the next 12 months it is estimated that a staggering two million of us...

Clearly, Ltd expect to do a lot of speeding then. And get caught speeding. Shame. Nothing like law breakers, is there? And those that bellyache all the time. And refuse to change their ways. Like staying within speed limits. Bit much to ask, really.

...with the inevitable increase in short, mid, long term driving bans many peoples' livelihoods will be put at risk... shit, that’s terrible. How about people’s lives being put at risk by these arsehole speeders.

Nothing about people doing that to themselves. Nobody asks these good people to go tooooo fast. But it's fashionable to push the blame somewhere else.

Deny self-responsibility.

Good news though!!! Ltd is here.

It's an insurance scheme.

Wow! Never saw that one coming!

Why do people fall for all this crap. This company is simply exploiting, skimming, acting like a parasite rather like the 'ambulance chasers' in America..

And on and on it goes. Really dull and boring stuff, but ideal for all the saddos who will get 'caught' for speeding. Isn't it depressing to discover that if there is little chance of being 'caught' (no police presence) then everyone is happy to break the law. If police were about perhaps people would be more careful?

No self-control. No self-respect.

Mind you, if they were to get burgled then the law would be selectively used.


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