Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Control of the Masses

The concept of madness is fascinating even if it's terrible. Those who really suffer possibly don't realise it in many cases. Can 'madness' be a state of belief? Just different thinking. It may be logical and coherent. Just different from the opinion held by the majority. This is to force an opinion on someone to make them conform. It is quite possible that the 'mad' person could be right. But what is 'right'? It's only a state of mind. An expressed opinion.

For someone to state that a person is wrong for simply expressing an opinion is to ignore the fact that their own arrogance denies any other opinion to be considered. An example of a totally closed mind. Oddly, I noticed it in scientists and this conflicts with my undestanding of process of scientific thinking. Imagine Einstein or Hawking thinking with a closed mind.

Close out creative thought. Lock up the freedom of thought. Stifle. Those in positions of (perceived) control influencing everyone else?



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