Monday, May 09, 2005

The Acquisition of Knowledge

The idea of what happens at death is an interesting one. This lifetime of acquiring knowledge. Is it just a matter of survival? Anything we are capable of learning is purely for our survival? Perhaps it is our development that has led to conscious thought for its own sake. No survival need. Just thought. Why? What purpose is there? Evolution always has purpose. The human mind seems to be naturally enquiring. To acquire knowledge. To learn. It is an essential ingredient for life. Knowledge.


Blogger Darin said...

Over the period of a life, I doubt we actually acquire any actually new knowledge. Usually what happens is we take a vague and rough concept and refine it to a more simplified one. The result of this is to provide the next generation with a cognitive approach that is much more easily assimilated. Simply put, we take what we know, we shape it, mold it, and refine it to something more simplified and pure... and sometimes, there are a few lucky individuals who discover something new.

Unfortunately, this concept is hardly ever grasped because our predecessors have done such a poor job of passing on what they know. Which leads to uneducated leaders who decide which curriculum is important. A paradox, isn't it? The only true way to guarantee the obtaining of knowledge is to seek after it yourself--relying on no one to teach you.

Much easier said than done. I have plenty of books I'd like to read. I'm working on a sonic soundwave emitter to make mist out of water because i saw one in a store. Anyway... It's a curious thought to inquire about knowledge, isn't it ^_~. Sort of a paradox in itself. Take care, I like your writing. I'll have to warn you, i have borderline personality disorder. If you read my blog, it's rated R for language :x... it's how i get my crap out. Keep posting ;p

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