Thursday, August 17, 2006

Human Rights

Blair and Human Rights. Can't you see through this one? Champion of Human Rights. Without Blair (and Bush) I doubt we'd need them. But it does serve to mist over the whole issue of being 'decent'. Blair being decent? Please chunder quietly, will you?

Gets tiring, doesn't it?

What about those Human Rights of innocent people unfortunate to have been born in a 'war zone'. What about that bastard Mugabe?

Remember that handshake where Prince Charles was ambushed by Mugabe in Rome? Well, I wonder… I think freemasonry. Don't know why really.

What about the Human Rights of much of black Africa? Why can't Blair have the standard car crash? Another fucking hypocrite. Britain supports certain actions.

Britain will be targeted as a result of all this. And the real guilty ones wring their hands together moaning about such a violent world that we all live in. Much in the same way as innocent Iraqi children are all found guilty of murderous outrage.

So will we.


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