Sunday, July 16, 2006

Daily E*****s - nuclear is great

The argument put forward by a mouthpiece in The Daily E*****s about the nuclear power issue conveniently ducks the obvious very major downside. Environmentally clean nuclear power? Clean, based on only the CO2 zero emissions, totally ignores the radioactive waste issue. Environmentally poisonous. It is clear about the political leanings of this newspaper.

Absolute disgrace and at the sametime rubbishing Green Peace and anyone who dares to oppose madness. Corrupt thinking. A pathetic attempt at mind control.

As a waste product, there will be a tax on it eventually. The tax payer will pay to clear up the mess he had no part in 'pushing' through. Profits are siphoned off to everybody, EXCEPT the tax payer.

International. Global.

Nobel Peace Prize (2007)

Got it yet? Have you woken up yet?


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