Saturday, February 18, 2006

Retirement age suggested: 85 years old

Retirement age 'will rise to 85'.

I would take such a suggestion as totally ridiculous. Risible. But, it would seem some people are ‘serious’. Can you imagine someone wanting to work on until 85? Or an employer wanting to employ someone of this age? Maybe arthritic. Maybe not quite so fast in thought or actions as a ‘30 something‘ individual. What sort of salary would they be getting? As inflation will continue - it always does as everyone wants more and more from you and you get more because it is always creeping up - you will be a well-off 85 year old... I doubt it. Very much doubt it.

You’d be getting miserable pay increases to fall well below inflation. Demoralised. Targets. Goals. Modernistic buzz words to go with the viscious mentality of corporate growth. Nobody is safe. Certainly not the majority who do their best. Strive to do well, but end up with criticism about not doing enough and not doing it quickly enough.

An 85 year old trying to work within today’s business methods? It is a new way to kill off the older cost burden. There’s more of the ‘get as much out of them while they’re alive, then let ‘em die’ syndrome.

And don't forget to consider this: how many years could you enjoy your pension when you do eventually retire? A year or two? Or three, perhaps? The pension (50%) would be paid to your partner for... how long? Doesn't it smell even worse of cost cutting? Take, take, take. And give virtually nothing back.

Nasty. But that's business. Ethics and everything included.

This type of report stinks of mind manipulation. Get you used to the idea by repeating it. Again and again until you begin to believe and accept it as realism.

Watch out and wake up.

You’re being f***ed again! Really BIG time.


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