Friday, September 08, 2006

The Daily E*****s article selection

Examples of TDE articles from 01.09.06:

a)Green Tories to tax drivers

Motorists and short-haul air travellers will be hammered by higher taxes under a Tory government. Inflation busting rises on petrol duty... Higher prices within UQ for flights - to encourage use of train.

No doubt just prior to rail ticket price hike. Squeezed between that rock and the hard place.

Shadow Chancellor, George Osbourne:

"Instead of a tax system that penalises hard work and enterprise, I want to move towards more effective and fair taxes on pollution. I want the proportion of tax revenue raised by green taxes to rise."

Watch out for the mind game here: fair taxes, tax revenue raised, green taxes to rise.

When has a tax been anything but unfair? We are so conditioned to the term being repeated 'tax', 'tax', 'tax', that it can pass you by almost unnoticed. Be aware: a tax is still a tax. Government getting its grubby hands on your money. For what?
Make no mistake Cameron's Crowd is the party that stands for the continuation in tax rises, but associates itself with the colour green. Nothing else.

Osbourne has said that's what "I want".

A high-speed rail system (MagLev). Have you heard of this before? Or has it been waiting in the wings to be rolled out... soon? But you are being conditioned to its name, whatever this technical achievement might be. No doubt it will require several £billions to develop it. Just like the 'magic' cure around the corner for some new disease. Needs £billions spent on it.

Do you ever see the accounts? No. Neither do I. Never will either. Just be told it will cost £billions and £billions.

Yeah. Sure. If they say so.

Consider this: the money you have is really only that proportion that you're allowed to keep. As time goes on this amount gets less and less, justified as tax rises. As the wealth continues to be redistributed (yes it is, taken from you and ending up with the wealthy making them even richer).

The Midas society is coming where all the rich will have to eat is gold. And that's a limited supply, like oil. Black gold. Well, drink that you fuckers. So blinded by riches that they don't see the inevitable. Pathetic. It really is. And very sad for all the rest of us. Those that are considered the lowly slaves by the deluded rich. Money and riches stay on Earth along with bones and all their rotted stinking flesh. And they think they are special. Strange logic there. Somewhere.

I have just decided that I will be cremated. I don't want the possibility of having some wealthy-in-life corpse being interred above me and symbollically shitting on me!!

b) Is your street the fattest in the country?

(Shortish headline, but how can a street be fat?)

As a pioneering new survey reveals Britain's obesity explosion...

Pioneering? Revelation?

'Scientists' have pinpointed for the first time which is the fattest street in Britain.

Survey was conducted by research group Dr Foster Intelligence. Individual mentioned: Marc Farr, but no salutation. Later a health consultant at research group Experian, Emily Sparks, again no salutation.

And it goes on with alleged statistics. The residents of Oak Road, in Easington, County Durham, are apparently 22% more than the national average at risk of obesity.

But well-heeled inhabitants of St. Mary's Gate in the Kensington and Chelsea boroughs of west London have been identified as the slimmest at 11.5% below the average for obesity.

Data was extracted from 33,000 people. For a national average, the UQ population must be considered, currently around 60 millions. So, as population sample this represents 33,000/60,000,000 * 100 = 0.055%. Not very convincing to start with and then to extrapolate to the whole of Britain.

It's clear that less wealthy communities can more likely afford only low quality food stuffs - low protein, high fat. The crap food. It's not food really, just a filler. Fast foods filled with chemicals churned out to make high profit. Lifestyles that do not allow attention to be made to self. But it's a living.

What actually does this 'reveal'? It shows that poorer communities are fed with crap food and the rich are fed well. Rocket science stuff. Nothing else really, except it seems that affluent Londoners for some reason are 'on average' slimmer. Any average always means many above and many below the median.

I'm sure that if you look just a little harder, like open your eyes for example, you will find a number of thin northerners and many 'fat' Londoners. An affluent society often has members that over indulge in all things 'good' and so it is not realistic to believe that fat Londoners do not exist. This article is trying to suggest that they don't. But they do in the north. This type of reporting sets out to find a particular conclusion and then find the 'facts' to support it. It distorts and is reporting of the worst kind.

Maybe it's what I have just done! Perhaps I should write for TDE.

c) 'Stereotyping is causing terror'

To be continued...


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