Tuesday, January 10, 2006

On-line road tax

Get your road fund license on-line (road tax). It sounds very proactive - to avoid queues at the PO. Transport Secretary Alistair Darling told BBC News that the changes would help prevent fraud: "When you re-tax your car online or over the phone, the DVLA can tell instantly whether or not your car actually has an MOT or if you're insured."

Over the phone? Now, that’s foolproof. On-line (secure servers) maybe, but how does this reduce untaxed or uninsured vehicles that are illegally on the road? That’s the real menace/problem. The ‘driver’ is never going to be caught in the system if the system is not used. They are the invisible ones. But very real, nonetheless.

When are we going to have an insurance disc (like the tax disk) to display in the windscreen? Why is it so difficult for insurance companies to send one with the new insurance certificate?

Nevertheless, it’s a start even if not a very good or strong one. Half-baked.


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