Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cut off my nose . . ? ID cards - again

Here is a point that has just occurred to me. If I refuse, on principle, to pay for an ID card, then I could end up being sent to prison. This, by itself, is something I would consider doing. To push a middle finger up to Blair and his rotten government.

However, if I am in prison I am in no position to defend my rights, my family or anything associated with me. I would be a criminal, even if forced into it (and my DNA sample would be - legally - taken. Extracted under protest, perhaps). This, it would be argued, is my own choice. My own fault. I would become a member of an underclass.

I would be walking right into Blair’s trap. It’s a true Catch 22. Between a rock and a hard place.

I can only hope that Blair’s government fails. Little hope of that so far. Of all the fuck ups his Orwellian lot continue to make, they are still IN POWER.


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