Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dolphins to the Rescue

It’s quite depressing to see once again humans being absolutely selfish and probably not even being aware of it. Pregnant women giving a possible advantage to the unborn child by contact with the dolphin. Yet it is obvious that the dolphin must be incarcerated. Kept a prisoner in a pool (or something like it) to make sure the dolphin is available on demand.

That these highly intelligent mammals being used in such a selfish way to infer an unquantifiable advantage is a tragedy. Such animals should be free. Left alone. Dolphins in their natural environment will come to humans if they want to. By free will. You can’t get something good from such a crass attitude of forcing a thinking animal to be compliant. The spiritual connection between humans and dolphins is well documented. Any imprisonment of an animal is wrong. It hasn’t done anything. It just is. The creature exists. There is no justification. No argument can make a case.


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